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What forms the lateral wall of the nasal cavity?

1) nasal bone
2) frontal process of the maxilla
3) lacrimal bone
4) ethmoid bone
5) inferior nasal concha
6) perpendicular plate of the palatine bone
7) medial pterygoid plate of the shpenoid


What are the series of projections of the lateral nasal wall that jut medially into the nasal cavity?

1) Superior Nasal Concha
2) Middle Nasal Concha
3) Inferior Nasal Concha


What are the functions of the nasal concha?

1) increase surface area
2) increase air turbulence


What is the anatomical variation of the ethmoid bone associated with the nasal cavity?

Highest Nasal Concha
-present above the superior nasal concha


What is the small space located above and behind the superior nasal concha that receives the opening of the sphenoid sinus?

Sphenoethmoidal Recess


What is the space below the superior nasal concha that receives the opening of the posterior ethmoidal cells

Superior Meatus


What is the space below the middle nasal concha that receives opening from the frontal sinus, the maxillary sinus, the middle ethmoidal cells and the anterior ethmoidal cells?

Middle Meatus


What is the rounded projection into the middle meatus that the middel ethmoidal cells open into?

Ethmoidal Bulla


What is the curved slit lying below the enthmoidal bulla within the middle meatus?

Hiatus Semilunaris


What opens into the hiatus semilunaris?

1) frontal duct
2) anterior ethmoidal cells
3) maxillary sinus


What is the space below the inferior nasal concha that receives openings of the nasolacrimal duct?

Inferior Meatus


What does the nasolacrimal duct connect?

Lacrimal sac of the orbit to the nasal cavity