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What are the extrinsic mucles of the tongue?

1) Geinioglossus
2) Hyoglossus
3) Styloglossus
4) Palatoglossus


T/F: ALL of the extrisic tougne muscles are innervated by the hypoglossal nerve (CN XII)

False: Palatoglossus is not


What is the nerve innervation of the Palatoglossus?

Vagus Nerve (CN X) via the pharyngeal plexus


What is the function of Palatoglossus?

Elevates the back of the tonuge


What is the function of the genioglossus cliniclly?

1) Pulls the tongue forward
2) Prevents of the tongue from falling backwards, blocking the airway, potentially leading to suffication


The actions of geniolgossus are important in what clinical scenarios?

1) When the patient is under general anesthesia
2) In seizure disorders