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What is the major vein that drains the face, scalp and also contains a large amount of cerebral blood?

External Jugular Vein


Where is the external jugular vein formed and what is it formed from?

-Formed just inferior to the parotid gland
-Formed from the union of the 1) Retromandibular Vein and 2) Posterior Auricular Vein


What muscle of the neck is the external jugular vein associated with?



What are the six (6) tributaries of the external jugular vein?

1) Retromandibular vein
2) Posterior Auricular Vein
3) Posterior External Jugular Vein
4) Anterior Jugular Vein
5) Transverse Cervical Vein
6) Suprascapular Vein


The vein that the external jugular will drain into?

Subclavian Vein


T/F: There are many variations to the tributaries of the external jugular vein?



T/F: When venous pressure is normal, the external jugular vein is found to be prominent topographically?

False. IT should not be able to be seen, or should be very lightly seen


in what conditions is the external jugular vein prominent throughout the length of the vein?

-Congestive Heart Failure
-Obstruction of the Superior Vena Cava


In what populations in a prominent external jugular considered to be acquired and somewhat normal?

-Opera Singers
-Bag Pipe Players
this is due to the increased intrathroacic pressure during the playing or singing


Where are the superficial cervical lymph nodes found?

Along the external jugular vein just superficial to the SCM