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What are the functions of the nasal cavity?

1) Provide an airway
2) Olfaction
3) Warming and moistening of inspired air
4) Cleansing of inspired air


FITB: The nasal cavity extends from (blank) anteriorly and to the (blank) posteriorly

Anterior: Nostrils (Nares)
Posterior: Choanae


What are the choanae?

Posterior apertures of the nasal cavity which open into the nasopharynx


The external nose consists of...

1) Tip: free end of the nose
2) Root: connects the nose to the forehead
3) Nares (Nostrils)
4) Alae: bound the nares laterally


What forms the roof of the nasal cavity?

1) Nasal Bone
2) Frontal Bone
3) Cribiform Plate of the Ethmoid Bone
4) Body of the Sphenoid Bone


What forms the floor of the nasal cavity?

1) Palatine process of teh maxillia
2) Horizontal plate of the palintine bone
-These two bones fuse together to form the hard palete


What forms the medial wall (nasal septum) of the nasal cavity?

1) Septal Cartilage
2) Perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone
3) The Vomer


What does vomar mean?