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When the tongue moves the food bolus back, what does it pass through?

Oropharyngeal Isthmus


Which muscles contract to squeeze the food bolus back into the oropharynx?

1) Palatoglossus
2) Palatopharyngeus


What muscles will contract to elevate the soft palate to close off the pharyngeal isthmus?

1) Levator Veli Palatini
2) Tensor Veli Palatini


What muscles elevate the walls of the pharynx?

1) Stylopharyngeus
2) Palatopharyngeus
3) Salpingopharyngeus


What muscles will contract at the same time the muscles elevate the walls of the pharyngx?

Suprahyoid Muscles to elevate the hyoid bone and the larynx into the bulge of the tonue


When the suprahyoid muscle elevate the hyoid bone and the larynx, what also happens?

The epiglottis will flex back over the laryngeal inlet


Which muscles contract in sequence to move the food through the oropharynx and the laryngeopharynx into the esophagus?

Superior, Middle and Inferior Constrictors


What moves the food bolus down the esophagus into the stomach?