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The cervical spine levels that provide sensory inervation to the upper limb.

C5, C6, C7, C8


What cervical spinal nerve levels form the cervical plexus?

The ANTERIOR primary rami of C1, C2, C3, and C4


The nerve that supplies the lateral part of the occipital region, posterior to the ear.

Lesser Occipital Nerve (C2)


The nerve that supplies the angle of the mandible, the area just inferior to the ear.

Great Auricular Nerve (C2, C3)


The structure that accompanies the Great Auricular Nerve.

External Jugular Vein


This nerve supplies the anterior surface of the neck?

Transverse Cervical Nerve (C2, C3)


What nerve supplies the lateral surface of the neck?

Supraclavicular Nerve (C3, C4)


What are the three (3) subdivisions of the Supraclavicular Nerve?

1) Medial Supraclavicular N.
2) Intermediate Supraclavicular N.
3) Lateral Supraclavicular N.