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Describe the location of the hyoid bone.

Located between the mandible and the layranx


What is the main function of the hyoid bone?

It serves as the attachment point for several muscles


What are the three anatomical sections of the hyoid bone?

1) body
2) Greater horn
3) Lesser Horn


Embryologically, what is significant about the hyoid bone?

It is believed to be the remenat of one of the phyrangel aches


What is significant about the hyoid bone?

It does not attach to any other bone


Which part of the hyoid bone is not always present and what is the function of that area?

The Lesser Horn- It serves as the attachment point for the stylohyoid ligamnet


What is the primary function of the infrahyoid muscles?

to move the hyoid bone and the larynx


What are the four (4) infrahyoid muscles

1) Omohyoid
2) Sternohyoid
3) Sternothyroid
4) Thyrohyoid


Which of the infrahyoid muscles make up the superficial layer of infrahyoid muscles?

1) Omohyoid
2) Sternohyoid


What muscles make up the deep layer of the infrahyoid muscles?

1) Sternothyroid
2) Thyrohyoid


Which of the infrahyoid muscles is usually held down by some kind of tissue sling?



Which of the infrahyoid muslces is seperated my an intermediate tendon betwen the two bellies of hte musle?



Which of the infrahyoid muscles is not supplied by the ansa cervicalis (C1, C2, C3)?

Thyrohyoid. It is supplied by C1 through the hypoglossal nerve


Which of these muscles have origin(s) on the posterior surface of the manubrium and what are the other origin sites for these muscles?

1) Sternohyoid- the medial end of the clavicle
2) Sternothyroid- the origin of this muscle if inferior to that of the sternohyoid on the manubrium


Which of these muscles does not have an insertion point on the body of the hyoid bone?

Sternothyroid- it has its insertion point on the oblique line on the lamina of the thyroid cartilage


Which of these muscles function to depress both the hyoid bone and the larynx?

1) Omohyoid
2) Sternohyoid


Which of these muscles act to depress only the larynx?



Which of these muscles function to only depress of the hyoid bone?



Which of these msucles develop from teh same mass and then are diferentiated by an aattachment point?

The Sternothyroid and Thyrohyoid Muscles- separated by the attachment point on the oblique line of the thyroid cartilige


Why do all of these muscle act to depress the hyoid and the larynx?

1) the act of swallowing- to open the space to allow for food to pass
2) Speech functions
3) Respiration/Breathing
4) if the hyoid is fixed, the digastric depresses the mandible therefore changing the action of the muscle