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What is Fascia?

A dense, sheet like layer of connective tissue


What are the two layers of the cervical fascia?

1) Superficial Cervical Fascia
2) Deep Cervical Fasia


What are the four (4) sub-layers of the Deep Cervical Fascia?

1) Investing Layer of the Deep Cervical Fascia
2) Pretracheal Fascia
3) Prevertebral Fascia
4) Carotid Sheath


T/F: Each of the layers of cervical fascia are simple, 2-D figures and act only as coverings

False: The layers, including all of the sub-layers, all are cylindrical in shape to enclose certain structures of the neck


Which of the layers of the cervical fascia is a single layer of connective tissue just beneath the skin?

The Superficial Cervical Fascia


Which muscle is contained within the Superficial Cervical Fascia?



What are the structures contained within the superficial cervical fascia?

1) Platysma Muscle
2) Cutaneous Nerves
3) Superficial Veins
4) Superficial Cervical Lymph Nodes


This layer lies deep to the superficial cervical fascia and splits to enclose the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius.

Investing Layer of the Deep Cervical Fascia


Which layer of the Deep Cervical Fascia runs the length of the neck and into the throax?

Pretracheal Fascia


Which layer of the deep cervical fascia encloses the thyroid gland, the trachea and esophagus?

Pretracheal Fascia


The cervical portion of the sympathetic trunk is located just anterior to this layer of the deep cervical fascia.

Prevertebral Fascia


Which layer of the Deep Cervical Fascia encloses the vertebral column and the deep muscles of the back?

Prevertebral Fascia


What is a layer of connective tissue that extends from the base of the skull to the root of the neck?

Carotid sheath


What are the contents of the Carotid Sheath?

1) Common Carotid Artery
2) Internal Carotid Artery
3) Internal Jugular Vein
4) Vagus Nerve
5) Deep Cervical Lymph Nodes


Why is the external carotid artery not in the carotid sheath?

It exits the sheath before giving off its branches in the neck.


Which artery supplies the brain?

Internal Carotid Artery


Which of the layer(s) of the deep cervical fascia is/are paired?

Only the Carotid Sheath. All others are cyenders that encompus all of the structures on both sides of the neck


The carotid sheath provides a slippery surface to reduce friction during what movements?

1) Gross movements of the head and neck
2) Swallowing


Cancers involving the deep cervical lymph nodes will compress which structure of the neck and what will this cause?

Will compress the internal jugular vein and this will cause intracranial pressure to increase


Which layer of the deep cervical fascia can allow for infection in travel from the head/neck to the mediastinum directly?

Pretracheal Fascia


T/F: Adhesions of the cervical fascia can cause neck pain and can be treated with myofascial release techniques?