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Who completes the MD-X3?

Direct the member to complete the MD-X3 form.
*MD-X3 is for a BIOLOGICAL exposure.
*A CD-73 shall be prepared for a NON-BIOLOGICAL exposure.


Where does the ORIGINAL MD-X3 get filed?

The ORIGINAL MD-X3 is filed in the UFS/Station File of the unit WHERE THE MEMBER WAS WORKING WHEN EXPOSED and give one copy to the member.


Is a Company Journal Entry required?

Yes. Make an entry in the Company Journal, documenting the exposure and faxing of the MD-X3 and PCR to BHS.


Which BLOODBORNE diseases are of MOST concern to emergency responders?

HIV, HBV and Hepatitis C virus (HCV).


What four factors are CRITICAL in assessing potential risk in any exposure situation?

1) Communicability
2) Dosage of the Disease-Producing Organism
3) Virulence of the Disease-Producing Organism
4)Host Resistance and Health


Are sneakers or sneaker type shoes permitted while on duty?

No. Members are not permitted to wear sneakers or sneaker type shoes while on duty.


When shall sharps containers be replaced?

When they are 3/4 full.


Is it acceptable to place red bags outside of quarters?

No. Do not place Red Bags outside of company quarters UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.


What are Red Bags used for?

Red Bags are for DISPOSABLE INFECTIOUS or CONTAMINATED materials/waste items only.


Where are receipts for red bag pick up forwarded to?

Receipts for red bag pick up shall be forwarded in envelope to Fire Facilities Management/ OSHA Unit.


When will the Company Officer make a Company Journal Entry regarding Infectious Control Equipment (ICE)?

1) At roll call - check location on apparatus and the quantity of supplies on hand and
2) If location or status of this equipment changes during the tour.


When is member permitted to decline to use ICE?

A member may TEMPORARILY and BRIEFLY decline to to use such equipment, when UNDER RARE and UNUSUAL CIRCUMSTANCES, it was the member's professional judgement that in the SPECIFIC INSTANCE, it's use would have prevented the delivery of health care or public safety services OR would have posed an increased hazard to the safety of the member.
*The member shall complete the MD-X3 indicating the PPE did not remain secure and intact.*


When a member believes they are suffering from an allergy to disposable latex gloves, what procedure should they follow?

1) Notify their Company Officer ASAP,
2) The Co. Off. will notify BHS ASAP regarding the claim,
3) If confirmed, alternate disposable gloves AND/OR cotton glove liners shall be obtained from the Medical Supply Unit.
*Fire Suppression Units shall obtain medical supplies from the Technical Services Division.*


Are Fire Duty gloves permitted to be worn OVER disposable gloves?

Yes. Fire duty gloves shall be worn over disposable gloves when operating at any assignment that has the potential of compromising the integrity and barrier of the disposable latex glove.


Are protective goggles disposable?

No. They are not disposable and will be issued to the individual member.


Where are disposable body bags obtained from?

The DEPUTY CHIEF on the scene.
*If no DC on scene, the IC shall call a DC to the scene.


How shall a deceased victim be placed in a body bag?

1) Place victim into a disposable body bag,
2) As an additional precaution, that bag shall be placed inside another disposable bag,
*The disposable bags have NO handles.
They MUST be placed inside a HEAVY DUTY, NON-DISPOSABLE body bag for transport.
*When the body is inside the transport vehicle, the OUTER BAG (HEAVY DUTY, NON-DISPOSABLE) shall be removed.


Who shall the IC notify if the NON-DISPOSABLE VINYL body bag becomes contaminated?

The IC shall notify SOC to arrange for decontamination.


How shall work surfaces be cleaned?

With warm water and soap.
*Once surfaces have been cleaned, disinfect with BLEACH.*


Is it permissible to home launder uniforms and accessories?

No. They MAY NOT be home laundered.


Bio-Hazard (red bags) may not be stored for more than?

Waste may not be stored for more than 30 days.


What is the proper way to mix bleach and water?

1) Empty the packet of bleach into the container FIRST,
2) Then fill with water.
*The packets produce a mixture of 1 part bleach to 99 parts water.*


How long are mixtures allowed to remain before being disposed of in the slop sink?

Mixtures remaining AFTER 24 hours shall be disposed in the slop sink.
*Officers shall ENSURE that the solution is PREPARED DAILY and the old solution DISCARDED.*


Is it permitted to decontaminate firefighting PPE and work duty uniforms?

YES. firefighting PPE and work duty uniforms that have become SPOTTED OR LIGHTLY SOILED with blood, blood products or other body fluids shall be decontaminated in quarters.


Can boots and helmets be immersed in the slop sink?



If the Motorola portable radio/H/T becomes contaminated with blood or other body fluids, they shall be decontaminated in quarters. Are they permitted to be immersed in fluids?

Yes. These portable radios/H/T may be COMPLETELY immersed in fluids.
*Non-Motorola portable radios/H/T SHALL NOT be decontaminated in quarters.
SOC will be notified to p/u and decon any Non-Motorola portable radios/H/T.


If a member is overexposed to bleach, they shall be moved to fresh air. In case of contact, IMMEDIATELY flush skin or eyes with running water for at least?



What is the single MOST EFFECTIVE method of reducing disease transmission?

Frequent, adequate hand washing.


How long can RABIES live outside the body?

It can live for a FEW HOURS outside the body.


How long can the rabies virus survive inside the body of a DEAD animal?

The rabies virus can survive for several days inside the body of a DEAD animal.
*Freezing temperatures will extend this survival period.*


What is AT-RISK EXPOSURE (rabies) defined as?

A scratch, bite or other contact with the blood or body fluids of a rabid animal to an open cut or mucous membrane.


If units encounter a SUSPECTED LIVE rabid animal, who should this be referred to?

The Police Department.


Where are SMALL carcasses placed?

In RED bio-hazard bags and securely tied for disposal or pick-up.