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A national sales organization has implemented a set of training courses on its intranet, with a link that allows employees to find and share answers to questions that arise with customers. This system that allows the sharing of knowledge and information throughout an organization is known as ___.

knowledge management


Sally has a high-paying management position with a Fortune 500 company, but she is tired of working for corporate America. So Sally has decided to start a business, and she knows she will be successful as an entrepreneur because entrepreneurs typically ___.

have a high need for achievement


The general manager of a furniture store recently gave a motivational PowerPoint presentation to his employees on the value of being courteous to each customer. This is an example of ____.



Mark, vice president of human resources at Executive Corporation, is a(n) ____ level manager.



When Randy, a general manager of a national retailer, moved to a different store in his company that was having difficulty, he knew that sales were low and after talking to his employees, he found morale was also low. At first Randy thought attitudes were poor due to low sales, but after working closely with employees, he realized that the poor attitudes were actually the cause of poor sales. Randy was able to discover the cause of the problem by utilizing ______ skills.



Gregson Production is keenly aware of the need to daily strive to produce goods and services more effectively than its competitors. Therefore, to achieve this standard, Gregson's management strives to ____.

maintain quality and efficiency


An individual or individuals who work(s) within an existing organization, using personal resources to exploit an opportunity, defines a(n) ____.



Paula, a plant manager, received an e-mail from the CEO stating that the company will now be focusing on customer service. The e-mail also stated that all plant managers need to implement this policy and coordinate the activities related to this strategy for their lowest-level managers. Paula is a(n) ____ level manager.



Maria, the public relations manager of a local library, is meeting with the news media regarding a new reading program for children. Maria is performing the _______ role.



One way to think of management is ___.

the art of getting things done through people


Elizabeth is a chef and the kitchen manager in an upscale restaurant. She is very knowledgeable in both the culinary and restaurant management fields. Because of these skills, Elizabeth can be considered a(n) ____ worker.



Josh, a college student, has become very interested in helping his community, so he is volunteering in a neighborhood improvement organization. This type of organization is an example of a(n) ______ organization.



The rarest and most precious resource in business according to Fortune magazine is ___

Skilled and effective managers


Raylene, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, met with business leaders from the local community. Afterwards, she spent time informally answering their questions about the company as part of which managerial role?



In February, when Paula, the manager of a landscaping company, is looking at the upcoming need for more workers to handle the increased customers in spring and summer, she is involved with ____.



Tom, a restaurant general manager, carefully watches his costs by reusing some items that in the past were immediately thrown away. Tom is an example of a(n) _____ manager.



Two of the primary challenges facing managers today are ____.

managing for a competitive advantage and diversity


______, or the ability to motivate, to inspire trust, and to communicate with others, are important for all levels of management.

Soft skills