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Who are typical members of continuous improvement teams?

volunteers or workers and supervisors

Continuous improvement teams are a type of advice team that consists of small groups of volunteers or workers and supervisors


In which of the following conditions should constructive conflict be stimulated?

The group seems to have inertia and be apathetic.


Which of the following is not a disadvantage of larger groups?

more division of labor

Because people are less able to see the worth of their individual contributions in large teams, they show less commitment and satisfaction and more turnover and absenteeism


The disadvantage of the ______ conflict-handling style is that it is very time-consuming.


The strength of collaborating is its longer-lasting impact because it deals with the underlying problem, not just its symptoms. Its weakness is that it's very time-consuming.


Which of the following is an important aspect when creating a self-managed team?

Use some form of team compensation.


Since hard feelings about group leadership and assignments had passed, Robin's group recently seemed to be relating much better. At the meeting tomorrow she should take advantage of this moment by _____.

helping the team identify group goals and values


Which of the following is a disadvantage of smaller groups?

unfair work distribution

Small teams have some disadvantages: fewer resources, possibly less innovation, and unfair work distribution


During the performing stage of team development, the group answers the question _____

"Can we do the job properly?"


Paige missed another deadline and her boss, Linda, is very upset. She will have to explain to the client again why the project is behind. Linda thinks she may say something she'll regret if she talks to Paige about this now, so she decides to wait awhile. Linda is using the ______ conflict-handling style.


Avoidance is appropriate for trivial issues, when emotions are high and a cooling-off period is needed, or when the cost of confrontation outweighs the benefits of resolving the conflict.


A data processing group is an example of a(n) _____.

production team

Production teams are responsible for performing day-to-day operations. Examples are mining teams, flight-attendant crews, maintenance crews, assembly teams, data processing groups, and manufacturing crews.


Administrative oversight given to self-managed teams does not typically include _____.

initiating change

Administrative oversight involves delegated activities such as planning, scheduling, monitoring, and staffing.


Larry proposed the purchase of a new Epson copier to his boss. Amir said that he has always used and liked Xerox copiers, but when he thinks about it later, he realizes he does not really feel strongly about it. Amir should probably adopt a(n) ______ conflict-handling style in this matter.



Members of a team develop their ______ based on the expectations of the team, of the organization, and of themselves.



Rebecca asked Gavin, one of her team members, to purposefully think of and voice criticisms as the group discussed a popular idea to open a branch office in another state. This is an example of the use of _____.

devil's advocacy

Devil's advocacy is the process of assigning someone to play the role of critic to voice possible objections to a proposal and thereby generate critical thinking and reality testing.


During the forming stage, the leader should _____.

allow people to socialize and become acquainted


The question the group is asking during the forming stage of group development is _____

"Why are we here?"


The group development stage in which individuals test the leader's policies and assumptions as they try to determine how they fit into the power structure is the ______ stage.



Which of the following is not characteristic of workgroups with excessive conflict?


Excessive conflict can erode organizational performance because of political infighting, dissatisfaction, lack of teamwork, and turnover. But work groups, departments, or organizations that experience too little conflict tend to be plagued by apathy, lack of creativity, indecision, and missed deadlines.


Which of the following is not a reason to enforce norms?

to create a written document of behavioral guidelines for new employees

Norms tend to be enforced by group or team members for four reasons: to help the group survive, to clarify role expectations, to help individuals avoid embarrassing situations, and to emphasize the group's important values and identity.


At Allen and Thomas Architects, a group of designers are developing the first drawings for a proposed multiuse office development in an older section of a large city that is being revitalized. What type of work team is this group?

project team

Project teams work to do creative problem solving, often by applying the specialized knowledge of members. Examples are task forces, research groups, and architect teams