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Recent protests against World Bank operations involve complaints of supporting countries permitting sweatshop labor or that restrict religious freedom, and _____.

financing projects that could damage the ecosystem


Luxere Hotels International, an American company, sells the rights to other hospitality companies globally to open hotels with the Luxere name for a fee and a share of the profit, in return for using Luxere's brand name and a package of materials and services. This defines ____.



Becoming a world citizen includes being global in focus and learning how _____.

not to be an "ugly American"


Tom and his fiancé Susan decided to have their wedding on a beach in Acapulco, Mexico. Some services for the wedding, such as the limousine and the catering services, were local. Throughout the weekend of the wedding, the couple found that workers and things for their wedding arrived late. In response, the Mexican workers remarked, "Ustedes tiene que ser flexibles," which in English means, you have to be flexible with time. This attitude regarding time is considered _____.

polychornic time


While traveling in France, Jim and his wife, both Americans, were concerned about how much they can afford to spend in Europe because sometimes the U.S. dollar will buy more goods and sometimes it will buy less, based on changing economic conditions. This change in the values of currencies and how they fluctuate in relation to each other is known as the ____ rate.



As part of becoming a world citizen, Joe, who is from Michigan and who is transferring to the Paris office, is trying to do things to ___.

think local and keep a global focus


Maria, the vice president of sales for an international organization, believes that employees in her foreign offices understand best how to handle the personnel and practices in their offices. So when the corporate HR manager approached Maria about scolding Robert, the Paris manager, for not doings things according to corporate policy, Maria backed Robert and said, "I believe that the home office should leave Robert alone because he best understands the local culture." Maria is an example of a(n) ___ manager.



The United States limits the amount of cheese purchased from other countries; this policy is a type of ____.

import quota


Shoes International is a global nonprofit organization that works with schools and various companies to donate shoes to children in poverty throughout the world. Shoes International is an example of a ____.

multinational organization


Quality Air, a company that builds airplanes, typically utilizes other production companies that specialize in certain parts for its jets; this practice is known as ____.



John, a construction manager, has been having problems finding quality employees in some of his foreign offices. While speaking with his attorney, Alisha, he mentioned that "in our locations overseas, many of our good employees have been quitting, and as you know, we have numerous lawsuits over personnel policies." Alisha explained that historically, these types of issues are a result of ____ policies.



Technology Experts is a U.S. company that specializes in IT research. It has formed a joint venture with Processor Inc., a Canadian organization that has a reputation of producing quality PCs, to market laptops in China, sharing the risks and rewards of starting the new enterprise together. This is an example of a(n) ___.

strategic alliance


Roberto, the vice president of marketing, is talking to Francis, a sales manager in a foreign office, about several local situations that Francis's reps are facing in their territory. Roberto tells Francis that he believes there are differences and similarities between home and foreign personnel and practices, and that Francis should use whatever techniques are most effective. Trey is an example of a(n) ____ manager.



The United States uses government regulations, such as tariffs, embargoes, and import quotas, to limit the import of goods and services and protect their U.S. industries against foreign competition. This use of these regulations is known as ____.

trade protectionism


According to the findings of the GLOBE project, the assertiveness dimension represents the extent to which a society values ____.

confrontation and competitiveness


Hannah, an engineer for an oil company, is interested in working overseas at this stage of her life because she knows that foreign work experience demonstrates ____ to potential employers.

independence, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurship


Last week Paul, CEO of Quality Furniture in South Carolina, traveled to Europe to visit customers. While overseas, Paul checked his e-mail daily and visited his company's website to show to customers. After visiting the last customer Friday morning, Paul was able to return to the corporate office to meet with his board of directors that night. This "shrinking" of time and space with air travel and electronic media defines ____.

the global village


According to the watchdog group Public Citizen, NAFTA is responsible for ____.

the loss of 845,000 U.S. jobs


The GLOBE project is an ongoing cross-cultural investigation of nine cultural dimensions involved in ___ processes.

leadership and organizational


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has ______

helped support some weaker European countries during the recent financial crisis