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Haley, an HR manager, had a meeting with the Vice President of Safety to determine if the new safety training program appears to be effective in preventing and reducing the number of accidents. Haley is performing which step of the training process?



In 2011, when automakers began to create new jobs, new union hires were offered about half the pay ($14 an hour) that autoworkers were getting before ($28). This is an example of __________.

two-tier wage contracts


Maria worked in a manufacturing facility. Throughout the building there were posters and calendars of a sexually explicit nature, and they made Maria very uncomfortable. This is __________.

a hostile work environment


Allie has a degenerative eye disease that is causing her to gradually lose her eyesight. When Allie asked her employer to purchase a low-vision computer for her use at work, she was instead let go. This violates provisions of the __________.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


What is the final step in the strategic human resource management process?

perform appraisals of people


During a(n) _______________, Megan asked Jeff to tell her about a time when he was able to overcome some sort of adversity.

behavioral description interview


For years, a mathematics professor experienced abusive behavior at a community college where he taught. It began with a group of managers spreading rumors and false accusations that threatened his job. It was emotionally draining and took time and focus away from his job. This is an example of __________.



Which of the following is a typical off-the-job training method?

computer-assisted instruction


Ricco, an HR manager, is designing a training class for those working on the new cross-functional teams within her company. This class is aimed at improving group decision making and interpersonal relations. What method of delivery should she choose?

role-playing, practice, and discussion


The point of the performance appraisal is to __________.

stimulate better job performance


Typically the ________ in a union contract is tied to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' consumer price index (CPI).

cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) clause


Which of the following may be considered, legally, to be an employment test?

any procedure used in the employment selection decision process


The type of appraisal that is most subject to validity problems due to evaluator bias is called ____________ evaluation.



Which of the following is a good suggestion for managers when conducting interviews?

After the interview, write a short report with a quantitative score of the candidate's qualifications.


A specialist at UPS who rides with couriers to learn about delivery time measurements and potential service problems is conducting a job __________________.



After being referred by a friend, Hasina attended a job interview. She didn't feel it went well, but was surprised when her friend told her the boss didn't like that she had worn her hijab, a traditional headscarf. The boss told a coworker after the interview, "Our customers prefer working with Christians." This is an example of __________.



If a firm gives all international assignments to people without disabilities, assuming they will therefore not require special accommodations, which type of workplace discrimination has occurred?

disparate treatment


Which of the following is not an example of an incentive?

education reimbursements


When Jason became one of three final candidates for a managerial position with a large pharmaceutical company, the director of the department scheduled a special meeting with him. There, the two talked about the stressful deadlines and heavy travel required of the position, as well as the compensation and benefits. Jason appreciated that the director took time to conduct a(n) __________.

realistic job preview


Dora is conducting a performance appraisal for Sue, one of her employees. The company's performance appraisal form asks her to rate Sue's performance on various items like "Submits reports on time with minimal errors" on a scale from 1 to 5. Dora's is using a ______ appraisal system.

behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS)