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Research shows that simplified jobs lead to all the following except _____.

increased productivity


After struggling with the accounting training, Peter is unsure whether he can complete the end-of-year financial reporting with no errors in the time allotted. In this case, Peter is low on the ______ element of expectancy theory.



It has been two years since any employee has received a bonus at Tech Outlet, and the possibility of getting one no longer seems to motivate employees. In this case, management has inadvertently applied _____.



Using self-determination theory to motivate employees, at Cloud9, a data storage company, the vice chair makes 10–20 phone calls a day to thank special employees "caught doing something right." This is an example of which one of the following innate needs?



A Scanlon plan is a type of ______ compensation plan.



Sharon has excelled as an auditor for a large financial consulting firm. She loves building mutually beneficial relationships and is extremely well liked by her clients. Sharon likely has a _____.
high need for affiliation

high need for affiliation


Victoria runs a flower shop. She recently made some changes so that one employee answers phones and completes the order and payment process, while another creates arrangements, and a third packages and delivers floral arrangements. Previously, each employee was responsible for the order from the phone call through the delivery. Such changes reflect which one of the following?

task identity


McClelland's need for achievement corresponds most closely to _____

Maslow's self-actualization needs


Even when he started his first job, Will was not content to be just one of the employees. His boss noticed that he often coached his coworkers about ways to improve their work, even when it wasn't his job. Will probably has a _____.

high need for power


According to Herzberg, which of the following is an example of a motivating factor?

the work itself


An accounting firm reimburses employees for tuition and fees if they complete job-related coursework with a B or better, which helps them meet which of Maslow's levels of need?



Which of the following is not a contingency factor in the job characteristics model?



Sue is very aggressive at her job, and her coworkers complain that she often manipulates them and her boss in order to get ahead. She attempts to direct everything and everyone, regardless of the consequences to others or even the organization itself. Sue is expressing what type of need for power?



The motivating potential score (MPS) is calculated as part of using _____.

the job characteristics model


The need for status, reputation, and recognition are part of _____.



A technician who is responsible for keeping a hospital's electronic equipment in working order has higher ____________ than a person wiping down cars in a carwash.

task significance


The theory under which people make the choice that promises them the greatest reward if they think they can get it is _____.

expectancy theory


According to Herzberg, which of the following is an example of a hygiene factor?

interpersonal relationships


Joe has a summer job hand-dyeing shirts that will be sold on the boardwalk. He is paid $5.00 per shirt. This is an example of a ______ compensation plan.



When using goal-setting theory to motivate employees, managers should _____.

help workers understand and accept the goals