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Describe the intelligence cycle as presented in the national criminal intelligence sharing plan

integration of intel into police org.


Define a fusion center and list its four primary goals

1) creation task & coordination
2) develop core intel - lead operation
3) training
4) dev. protocols to facilitate


What are the major criticisms aimed at fusion centers and other law enforcement responses to terrorism

FBI wont share info / expensive/ has not stopped terrorist activity/ used for crime fighting


List 4 primary areas of responsibility within the department of homeland security

1) border security & transportation
2) emergency preparedness & response
3) NBC counter measures
4) intel analysis & infrastructure protection


Define terrorism

competing political agenda, national interest, economic security, new media, culture - religious beliefs, misinformation
1) International terr: members of nation state members of intel
2) transnational terr: no nation state; Palestinian, HAMAS
3) domestic terr: against gov. in u.s.
4) state terr: by gov. "HITLER"


narco terrorism

drug traffickers influencing policies - gov. society, violence, intimidation



threat or use of force (violence) to achieve specific set of political objectives of goals


what are the 3 major perspectives on intelligence and analysis?

1) writings of sherman kent - rold of intel is to limit surprise.
2) analysts responsible provide historical data but force policy makers confront alternative views focus on political arena to give meaning
3) emphasis on prediction of future events


what is the national criminal intelligence sharing plan?

released 2003/revised 2005 recommendations changing local policing
*intel overall objective is response
intel cycle by FBI


what approach is intended to improve the capability of local law enforcement in regard to responding to terror threats?

transform police agency into intell led organization
1) creation task/coordination process
2) develop core intel lead operation
3) establish training
4) develop protocols facilitate intell


where and when was the fusion center launched?

NY City 2002 - Raymond Kelly


Cities must create a hostile environment for terrorists by instilling effective intel were said by?

George Kelling/Bill Bratton


What negative factors lie w/ fusion center?

FBI will not share top secret info
expensive/few terrorist activities prevented
few terrorism/mainly used for crime reduction
close to violating civil liberties


what is the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878?

Prohibits U.S. Military from actin in L.E. Capacity.


How much has been spent to thwart terrorism?

380 million dollars


who created homeland security and when? what are the 4 areas of responsibility.

George W. Bush 2002 - headed former Gov. Tom Ridge
4 areas of responsibility
1) border security & transportation
2) Emergency preparedness & response
3) chemical, biological, radiological & nuclear counter measures
4) intel analysis & infrastructure protection


briefly describe the concept of jihad and name some of the more radical groups active in the middle east:

Holy War - Al-Qaeda


Describe the concept of homegrown terrorist and briefly discuss recent trends in radical islamic terrorism

citizens/residents convert to radical islam


define hate crimes

harms inflicted on a victim by an offender motives of hatred towards V - religion/race


define ecoterrorist

derived from peaceful groups for causes "green" "animals" "ELF"
Edward Abbey (1975) book Monkey Wrench Gang - from england to U.S. grew in 90's


Define Intelligence

data and info. evaluated / analyzed


_____ is a product created from systematic and thoughtful examination placed in context and provided to law enforcement executives, with facts and alternatives that can inform critical decisions.



what are the key objectives in transformation of local police agencies into intelligence led organization?

creation of task and coordination process
development of core intelligence products to lead the operation
establish standards training practices


FBI Intelligence involves?

analysis & production
processing & exploitation


When developing a plan which focuses on preventing terrorism the focus on the department should be?

Training officers on the street


What is terrorism?

an illegitimate and violent actions of specific groups that violate the authority of rightfully established governments


What is international terrorism?

terrorism conducted in the international arena by individuals that are members of a nation state


wha is transnational terrorism?

conducted in the international arena by individuals that have no nation state


a group of men were arrested. they were planning to attack a nearby military base. the group were born in the U.S. but were influenced by radical ideology they are classified as?

Domestic terrorists


A holy war is known as



When a U.S. citizen and residents convert to radical islamic extremism and plot to commit terrorist acts or fight for Jihadis movements both inside the U.S. and in foreign countries is called?

Homegrown terrorists


This is the largest and most influential palestinian militant movement today and is responsible for 90% of suicide bombings throughout israel



which of the following terrorist groups is also known as "Party Of GOD" and is based primarily in Lebanon, Syria and Iran?



Which of the following is an example of major right wing militant groups in the U.S.?

Aryan Nation


______ are harms inflicted on a victim an offender whose motivation derives primarily from hatred directed at perceived characteristics of the victim.

Hate Crimes