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The equal pay act was intended to achieve what objective?

prohibits discrimination in wages based on gender


The age discrimination in employment act has a law enforcement exemption. What is it?

local units gov. can refuse to hire a person for a sworn position if the applicant is over their maximum age for hiring


EEOC recognized four major theories of discrimination. What are they?

1) important types of knowledge to test for on a written examination and the number of questions to be written for each knowledge area
2) skills to be measured in a single job simulation exercise
3) knowledge and skills to be tested by an oral board
4) physical tasks police officers must perform in carrying out their duties


sexual discrimination has two categories

1) quid pro quo
2) hostile environment


Pregnancy discrimination act provides what protections to women?

prohibits the discrimination against a pregnant women in a business with 15 or more employees


How are disability and reasonable accommodation defined?

job applicant that meets the skills and requirements
reasonable accommodations are modifying equipment to facilitate their work


The genetic information nondiscrimination act has a law enforcement exemption. for what does it provide?

covers employers with 15 or more employees, Title II regulates the use of genetic information in the work setting but cannot be refused because family has history of cancer. etc.
other ways to find out genetic info, overhear, family leave, etc.


Exempt and nonexempt employees are categories under the fair labor standards act that differ in what way?

one gets FLSA the other one does not


Family medical leave act is granted on what four reasons?

child birth
placement with the employee of an adoptive or foster care son or daughter
care of an immediate family member, spouse, child, or parent, with a serious health condition
medical work when the employee is unable to work serious health


how does the economy affect recruiting applicants?

less applicants


validity and reliability defined tell us what?

Validity - test measures what intended to measure - conclusion meaningful

reliability - same test given again, score remain same - consistent rather than random results


why do agencies depend on outside providers to provide tests

tests can be time consuming and technically challenging


how are lie detector tests used in applicant screening and what is main criticism of them?

used with police applicants to verify information detailed personal history questionnaire. not scientifically accurate


how do oral boards operate?

3 members - questions are job related -


How does a state's POST and training commission affect academy and field training?

sets mandated training programs to be passed show proficiency as a police officer


why is the new recruiting necessary?

new generation - new message match their skills and values and generous benefits.


under USERRA law enforcement officers call t active duty have 4 obligations to their employer

give advanced notice
cannot be absent longer than 5 years
leaves service honorable discharge
can keep health insurance up to 24 months


what are 3 goals of EI and IS

guide officer to more successful performance
reduce number of incidents involving officers create liability exposure'
enhance accountability of supervisor for actions their subordinate does


on what benefit is a discipline matrix?

discipline is the same across the board


what are the six purposes of performance appraisals?

pay raise
eligibility for promotion
shift bids/duty assignment
career development decisions
eligibility for reinstatement


promotional test can serve what 5 purposes?

which candidates names placed on promotional roster
reinforcing organizational change
familiarity of important policies
increasing knowledge in organization through candidates studying material
improving candidates understanding of skill levels


Officers cite 3 reasons for not taking promotion test

do not want to be moved from current assignment or shift
not wanting responsibility


Test providers provide 3 different models of written exams

1. Off the shelfstock - books to buy
2. sits with liason decide which sources test questions will come.
3. semi custom test - stock plus custom questions


how does an assessment center operate?

several exercises or job simulations designed to elicit candidates behaviors


What are 10 functions of a police human resource unit?

1. complying with POST requirements
2. federal job discrimination job currency
3. developing agency HR policies subject to executive approval
4. recruiting
5. monitoring turnover, recruiting, diversity
6. providing or contracting for psychological services
7. delivering or arranging for academy in service and advanced training
8. conducting special studies
9. Administering benefits programs
10. preparing payroll
11. directing labor realtions


____ % of most law enforcement agencies annual operating budget are spent on personnel support costs



what case did the federal court rule that equal pay act purposes is for the job of a woman did not need to be identical to a man's only substantially similar

schultz V. Wheaton Glass Company


Under the ADA a person is defined as disabled if that person

has a physical impairment limits life activities
mental impairment
perceived as having impairment


which of the following laws dictates what the minimum wage will be and that police officers must be paid overtime for work in excess of 40 hours during a work week



what is title VII

civil rights act 1964 / 1972
prohibits discrimination in hiring, pay, promotion, firing, wages, job assignment against race religion


____ means that a test actually measure what it is intended to measure and conclusions and decisions based on test scores are appropriate and meaningful



Under USERRA a police officer can apply for reemployment within 90 days of separation provided he has a length of service of

181 days or more


all the following are goals of the early identification and intervention system EIIS

to discipline the officers to avoid making future mistakes


____% of officers cause ____% of the problems



EIIS 3 goals

1-guide to more successful performance
2- reduce number of incidents (liability)
3- enhance accountability of supervisors for action of subordinates


monetary fines may be used in lieu of a suspension in some jurisdictions under which of the following cases

absent officer is detrimental to public health
officer agrees to pay fine
fine is restitution


primary purpose of the discipline matrix

develops consistency in discipline


the results of performance appraisals are used to determine or influence which of the following

career development
eligibility for promotion
pay raises


some officers choose not to participate in promotional testing because

they do not want to arrive to work earlier than usual


increasing the level of knowledge in the agency is the purpose of which of the following

written examinations


the development of methods for an assessment center to identify the best candidate for a task or job can be traced to



the first american assessment center was _____ company

mid 1980's police began using in U.S.


an assessment center consist of several exercises or job simulations designed to elicit from candidates

behaviors found to be important to job success by the job analysis


the final step in the selection process for supervisors is the probationary period or

working test period


harrassment is

a discriminatory unwelcome action toward an individual on the basis of race color sex - pregnancy national origin, age religion disability or genetic information


what are the two types of band systems

fixed bands
sliding bands