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Who first suggested classifying PGs by their core aims?

JD Stewart


Define the term Sectional/Interest Group

A sectional group aims to advance the shared interests of it's members, as opposed to campaigning for a broader cause. Exclusive. EG British Medical Association


Define the term Cause Group

Groups that seek to promote approaches which do not directly benefit the cause of the members. Wide membership base, inclusive. EG RSPB


What is an Attitude Cause Group?

A group that seeks to change people's attitude on a particular matter (EG Greenpeace, PETA)


What is a Political Cause Group?

A group that campaigns in pursuit of a cause that is essentially political (EG Unlock Democracy)


What is a Sectional Cause Group?

A group that represents a specific area of society that is distinct from its own membership (EG NSPCC)


Name an issue with classifying PGs by aims?

Some groups don't fit into the model
Easier to classify groups by their status


Who suggested classification through group status?

Wyn Grant


Define Insider Group

PGs that have a positive relationships with the government


What are core insider groups?

PGs that work closely with government and are consulted regularly on a broad range of policy matters (EG BMA)


What are specialist insider groups?

PGs with which the government consults across only a narrow range of policies


What are peripheral insider groups?

Groups whose areas of expertise or interest are so narrow that government would only rarely consult them


Define Outsider Group

PGs that work outside the political loop


What are potential insider groups?

Groups that might ultimately achieve insider status but are currently lacking in terms of support and experience (may lack legitimacy)


Define PGs that are outsiders by necessity

Groups that have no realistic chance of becoming insider groups because of their chosen methods or core aims (EG Fathers4Justice)


Define PGs that are ideological outsiders

These are groups which must be separate from government from the government for ideological purposes (EG. Amnesty International)


What is a flaw with the insider/outsider typologies?

Some groups can be insider and outsider
Groups can move very quickly from outsider-insider (eg. Charter 88 after 97)


Define captive/prisoner groups

PGs that are dependent on government because they benefit from state funding or because the government played a part in their creation (EG. Equality and Human Rights Commission)

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