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What did Clement Attlee say of referendums?

Called them 'a tool of demagogues and dictators' and 'a device so alien to all our traditions'


Why is not always clear when referendums should happen in the UK?

Our constitution is uncodified- codified constitutions tend to lay out the circumstances when referendums are necessary


What did A.V. Dicey refer to referendums as?

A kind of 'people's veto'


Why is topic important in considering a referendum?

Because some referendum topics could be considered unnecessary and lead to overuse of the device. (EG, Harold Wilson's EEC referendum in 1975 was widely criticized as the UK was already part of the EEC and the executive was divided over the matter at the time)


Why is wording an important consideration in a referendum?

Wording can be used to encourage a certain response (EG 75 EEC referendum said to be phrased to encourage a positive response)


Why is timing an important consideration in a referendum?

Those scheduling referendums often plan them so they fall at a time likely to secure their desired outcome. Could be applied when SNP decided to delay the Scottish Referendum to 2014 to allow more campaign time


Why is funding an important consideration in a referendum?

Can bias the referendum (EG 75 EEC referendum, yes camp outspent no by ratio of 3:1).


Under what act was funding made state based for referendums?

Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act (2000)


Why is turnout an important consideration in a referendum?

Low turnout = less democratic... eg 1997 Welsh Assembly Referendum (50.3% turn out and only 50.1% voted for a Welsh Assembly)


When was the Greater London Authority established?



What is the range of turnout from mayoral elections since 1997?



53.3% of what turnout in Bristol voted for a mayor in 2012?



Where were there referendums on congestion charges in 2005 and 2008 respectively?

Edinburgh and Manchester


What is an initiative?

A process where the public can call a referendum by collecting a predetermined number of signatures in a petition


What is a recall?

Where elected officials can be unseated by the public before the end of their allotted term


The 'recall Greg Davies' campaign was launched by republicans when?

February 2003

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