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What is the Conservative Party's current attitude to economics?

Creating a Northern Powerhouse through investment
Running a surplus by 2018
£100bn on infrastructure
No rise in VAT, national insurance or income tax


Name 3 key Conservative Party policies

Running a surplus by 2018
Triple lock pensions scheme
Extend the Right to Buy for tenants of the Housing Association
Extra £8bn annually for NHS
500 more free schools
New Bill of Rights


What is the Labour Party's recent attitude to economics?

Raise minimum wage to more than £8 by 2019
Cutting deficit every year with a surplus on current budget
Apprenticeship for every school leaver who gets the grades


Name 3 key Labour Party policies

Freeze energy bills until 2017
Mansion tax on homes worth more than £2m
Extra £2.5bn for NHS
Raise minimum wage to more tham £8ph


What is the Liberal Democrat Party's attitude to economics?

Deal with deficit by 2017/8 through a mix of spending cuts and tax rises
Raise £1bn from extra corporation tax on banks
Extend paternity leave from 2-6 weeks
Expand apprenticeship schemes


Name 3 key Liberal Democrat Party policies

Increase tax free allowance to £12,500 a year
Five new laws to protect nature and fight climate change
Deal with deficit through spending cuts and tax rises
Extend paternity leave
Invest £8bn in the NHS
Extra £2.5bn to education


Name one of Richard Kelly's possible judgement of David Cameron's leadership style

'flagrant capitulation of New Labour'
'subtle continuation of Thatcherism'
'shameless opportunism'


What did Cameron seek to do with the Tory Party?

Detoxify it


What did Brown favour in his approach to leadership while in power 2007-2010?

Deregulation and a 'light touch' approach to economy


Who wrote the 1960 book 'The End of Ideology: On the Exhaustion of Political ideas in the Fifties'

Daniel Bell


How did Clegg change the Lib Dem party?

Increased cuts to public spending, neutral on EU, suggested 50% cut to UK's nuclear arsenal

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