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The length of time the Lords could delay a Bill for was reduced to 2 years by which act?

The Parliament act 1911


The length of time a bill could be delayed for was reduced from 2 years down to 1 year by which act? (Also stopped Lords from delaying money bills)

The 1949 Parliament Act


The Lords have only blocked Bills from becoming law on 4 occasions (name 2)

War Crimes Act 1991
European Parliament Elections Act 1999
Sexual Offences Amendment Act 2000
the Hunting Act 2004


2009 ended what role of the Lords

The Judicary role (Law Lords)


Hereditary Peers

House of Lords Act 1999 left only 92 hereditary peers- those who inherited their position (from more that 750)


Peerages Act 1963

Allowed hereditary peers to renounce their titles and membership of House of Lords (eg Alec Douglas-Home and Tony Benn)


House of Lords Act 1999 introduced elected hereditary peers....

15 deputy speakers chosen in a ballot of whole house.
2 were royally appointed
75 elected by ballots of hereditary peers from their party and cross bench groups.
When a EHP dies- by election by group


Life Peerages Act 1958

Gave PM the right to appoint members of the upper house for life. Title not inherited. 707 life peers currently


Life Peerages Act 1958 and House of Lords Act 1998 brought about significant change- made the Upper House...

More diverse and professional. Also ended conservative majority in the Lords, and increased number of women in the Lords.


It is the ..... house



Numbers of Lords

26 bishops
178 cross bench
213 women
607 men
820 total

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