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What does the term Patronage mean?

The power of an individual to appoint someone to an important position


Who does the PM have the power to appoint?

Approves one name for ecclesiastical (church) appointments
Life Peers
Has final say on list of honours


When was the cash for honours scandal?



What honours related committee did Cameron create?

Parliamentary and Political Service Honours Committee


What power does the PM have over the Cabinet?

Appoints and dismisses ministers
Cabinet Reshuffles
Authority in the cabinet system


Why did Thatcher include both her supporters (Dries) and one-nation conservatives (wets)

To get more support from the party- not allow it to split into factions


Which rivals for Party Leadership did John Major appoint to senior cabinet positions in 1990?

Michael Heseltine and Douglas Hurd


Which rivals for Party Leadership did Tony Blair appoint to senior cabinet positions in 1997?

John Prescott and Margaret Beckett


What was the 'Night of the Long Knives'?

Harold Macmillan's 1962 botched reshuffle


What components of Authority in the Cabinet System are there? (Name 4)

-Chairs cabinet meetings
-Manages the agenda of meetings and decides their frequency and length
-Directs/sums up discussion
-Creates cabinet committees and appoints their members
-Holds bilateral meetings with ministers
-Appoints senior civil servants
-Organising the structure of government


Define Bilateral

A meeting between the PM and a departmental minister in which policy is agreed


How does the PM set the agenda of cabinet meetings?

-controls information presented
-keeps potentially difficult issues off the agenda (deals with them in bilateral meetings)
-Decides the chair and membership


How does party leadership effect the PM's position?

Strengthens it


Who resigned from the Cabinet in 2009 and called for Gordon Brown to step down?

James Purnell


Why is public standing important?

A better public standing gives better authority


When did Tony Blair's public standing drop sharply?

2003- After Iraq war announced`


Why is Policy Making input and important power?

More involved can lead to greater popularity of the leader (EG Thatcher and her policy successes such as The Falklands War, but then weakened by Poll tax)


Which 2 PMs had a particular involvement in solving issue in Northern Ireland?

Thatcher and Blair


Define the PM's Office

The group of senior civil servants and special advisers based at 10 Downing Street


Name the two key roles of the PM's Office

Policy Advice, Communications

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