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Who were the Bolsheviks main opponents?

SRs, Mensheviks, Kadets, loyalists to the Tsars


Who were the Whites?

Loyalists to the Tsar = colour associated with the monarchy


How were foreign powers such as Britain, France and the USA involved?

Sent troops and supplies to the Whites


Why did foreign powers get involved?

- Former allies
- Bolsheviks had confiscated allied property e.g. business and refused to pay back loans provided to the Tsarist regime
- Worried about the welfare of the Tsar


How did neighbouring states take advantage of the internal conflict?

e.g. Germany occupied Poland, Lithuania and Latvia


Why were the whites not a serious threat?

Were too disunited - represented a diversity of groups with different agendas


How were the Bolsheviks plagued by problems?

Such as food supplies and conscripts


How much territory did the Whites control at one stage?



How were the Red Army better trained and ideologically motivated?

- Had inspiring leaders with good skills
- Used railway systems effectively
- Message was more appealing to workers and peasants
- Controlled the 2 most important cities
- Could call upon nationalism


What was the main impact of the war?

The regime was secure


What policies did the war lead to?

- War Communism
- All businesses nationalised in 1920
- Working conditions worsen - longer hours + less pay
- Private trade banned
- Food rationing
- Red Terror (also attributed to assassinations attempts)


What did the war demonstrate?

- Proved the Bolsheviks could prosecute a war successfully
= highlighted their competence whereas previous wars showed incompetence of the Tsars
- Demonstrated ideological appeal of the Tsars