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What was democratic centralism?

The notion that true democracy in the Bolshevik party lay in the obedience of the members to the instructions of the leaders


How was there a bureaucratic state?

Central power increased and the number of government institutions and officials grew


What was the Proletkult movement?

- In theory, was a spontaneous creation by the workers of a new Russian culture
- In practice, there was little genuine contribution from ordinary people


Why was there little place for free expression and individualism?

The works of writers and artists had to express the values of revolutionary Russia
- politics, economics, culture and artists expression had to serve the state


What examples of Proletkult artistic and sporting organisations were set up by 1922?

- writers circles
- amateur dramatic groups
- art studios


Why did Lenin bring the Proletkult under tighter supervision?

Did not want it to become an independent organisation within the state
= by 1922 it had been largely disbanded


What campaign did Lenin launch against the intelligentsia before he died?

- Ordered strict censorship to be imposed on the press and academic publications
- Branded many as 'counter-revolutionaries'
= due to criticism of WC and NEP


How much did literacy rise?

From 43% to 51%


What were the main aims of the Decree on Separation of Church and State?

- break the hold of the clergy
- undermine the religious faith of the peasants


What were the main terms of the Decree on Separation of Church and State?

- Church properties were no loner to be owned by the clergy
- Clergy no longer paid by the state
- Church was no longer to have a central organisation with authority over local congregations
- Religious teaching forbidden in schools


What decrees were introduced in the 2 years after 1917 for women and the family?

- legal divorce
- recognition of illegitimate children as full citizens
- legalising of abortion
- state to be responsible for the raising of children