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Depression vs. anxiety (Beck)

Depression has cognitions of hopelessness, low self-esteem, failure; anxiety - anticipation of danger/harm

Depression - negative themes; anxiety - uncertainty of future events

Both display demoralization, self-absorption, reduced cog. capacity for problem solving & task performance


RET vs. CT

RET holds that irrational thoughts lead to maladaptive bx, CT - thoughts are dysfx when the interfere w/ normal cognitive processing

RET more bx focus, RET therapist more likely to challenge pt's dysfx beliefs

In CT, pt encouraged to test out beliefs on his/her own


Stimulus control - narrowing

Restricting target behavior to a limited set of stimuli (e.g., overweight person - only eat when at kitchen table, at mealtimes)


Stimulus control - cue strengthening

Linking a bx that's targeted for increase to a specific cue or cue set (e.g., student who rarely studies encouraged to study in specific location, being in that location will trigger studying bx)


Stimulus control - competing responses

Identifying & eliminating responses that block desirable bxs, or encouraging responses that block undesirable bx (e.g., poor studier asked to ID interference to studying & this is target for elimination)


Stress inoculation training

-Cognitive preparation (educated on how faulty cognitions prevent appropriate/adaptive coping)
-Skills acquisition (learning & rehearsing new skills, such as relaxation)
-Practice (application of learned skills to real/imagined situations)


What is stress inoculation training useful for?

Remediating aggressive behavior, impulsive anger


Paradoxical intention

Instruct patients to do or wish for the very things they fear; used to circumvent anticipatory anxiety