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what were reserves and why were they created?

land set aside for exclusive First Nations use; created to help persuade First Nations peoples to sign treaties giving up most of their land


what did it mean to be a "status Indian"?

they were eligible to receive the benefits promised in treaties


what is assimilation and why was it the government's policy towards First Nations peoples in the 1920s?

"absorb"; introduce the First Nations peoples into the broader Canadian society- they did this to avoid having to deal with their culture and treaties


what was the League of Indians?

an organization whose focus was to make First Nations peoples' voices heard


why did Frederick Loft believe the League of Indians was necessary?

even after their contribution in the war, First Nations peoples were denied veteran benefits, denied the same rights as other citizens, and some were forced to give up land


why were Residential Schools created?

"civilize" the First Nation peoples' children so they would fit into Canadian society; education was the key to assimilation (English was the language of instruction and children were forbidden from speaking their first language)


what were the conditions like in the Residential Schools?

Christian religious values were emphasized while Aboriginal spirituality was condemned; children were separated from siblings and friends and housed in dormitories; teachers were often harsh and cruel; students were often required to do housework or manual labour

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