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what was the result of Russia signing an armistice in 1917 after the Bolshevic Revolution?

freed up thousands of German soldiers to fight on the Western Front


what did an armistice allow?

an agreement made to stop fighting for a certain time (a truce)


why were the Americans making their way to the front?

German submarine warfare killed American citizens in the Lusitania; the Zimmerman telegram


the Germans surprised the Allied Powers by launching the Spring Offensive with the intention of ____________

racing to Paris and signing an armistice after gaining the upper hand


where were the Germans stopped after utilizing successful new tactics?

120km from Paris


the Allies held back the Germans by __________ - the Germans were finished

employing overwhelming forces and cutting off supply lines which had been blockaded


the Canadian Corps had earned a highly respectable reputation as hardened troops and led _________ until _________

most of the offensives / the end of the war


what happened at the end of the war to Canadian troops?

large casualties (20% of Canada's total)


during the last 100 days, __ Canadian divisions consisting of 100 000 men in total fought __ German divisions, representing __ of all the Germans on the Western Front

4 / 7 / 1/4


where did the battle take place?

North France and Belgium


what did Canadian soldiers have to overcome while maintaining pressure and focus on the task?

physical resistance, psychological barriers


how did the Canadians win?

forcing the Germans back to the original point of the Great War using methodical warfare


who was George Price?

the last Canadian to die in ww1


where was George Price from and when was he conscripted?

Nova Scotia, lived in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan / October 15, 1917


what was the operation George Price was a part of and how did he die?

remove German positions in the French village of Havre- after chasing retreating German soldiers, he was shot in the heart by a German sniper


when was George Price killed and when did ww1 end?

November 11, 1918, 10:58am / November 11, 1918, 11am

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