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what did Germans rely on to make "unbreakable" codes?

the Enigma


which country began to decipher the codes?

Poland and France


at the height of Poland and France's code deciphering project, how many specialists were involved in how many hours of the day and what was the project called?

over 100, 24 hours a day, Camp X


how did a code deciphering breakthrough occur?

an enigma was stolen by an Allied crew who boarded a German U-boat


when and how did Hitler end his pact with Russia?

Operation Barbarossa, Blitzkrieg; June 22, 1941


how did Operation Barbarossa start?

Hitler struck deep into the heart of Russia in a 3 pronged attack- Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad


how did the Russians react to Hitler's 3 pronged attack?

fell back to Moscow and Stalingrad with a scorched earth policy


what was the scorched earth policy?

burning everything


Churchill promised support but ______________

was in no position to give it, forcing Stalin to wait out the Germans and fight with great loss of life


why did the Germans fall back?

stubborn fighting by Russians, weather, logistical issues


what happened after Pearl Harbour but what was the issue?

the United States immediately declared war on Japan but did not want to get involved with war in Europe


what did the United States think about Japan?

Japan would be defeated easily


why did the US not want to get involved with war in Europe?

they felt it was a European conflict and they should stay in their own sphere of influence


when and why did Hitler declare war on the US?

December 12, 1941 / his ego and his alliance with Japan

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