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why is there are need for an increase in the supply of organs

only enough kidneys for a quarter of people needing them

in the UK 5,500 people are awaiting transplant


why do the authors believe there is hypocrisy in the current situation

everyone is paid except for the donors
when donors take the biggest hardship


what are the risks of live donation

relatively low
short term morbidity of 20% and mortality of 0.03%
no greater risk of developing renal failure than general population


what are the benefits of living organ donation

better prognosis than cadaveric donation
transplantation is cheaper than dialysis


outline a model of donation suggested by the authors

confined to a country
only those in the state could donate or receive
only one purchaser e.g. the NHS
no direct sales or purchases
no exploitation of low income countries
organs would be tested and their provenance known
strict controls and penalties