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who owns your body when you're alive

you have limited property rights
you cannot transfer it to someone else
ethical issues around surrogacy and selling organs


what happened in the alder hey organ scandal

organ retention from post mortems and miscarriages/ terminations that parents had not consented to


what where the consequences of the alder hey organ scandal

redfern enquiry 2001

van Velzen struck off


what where the features of the john moore case

had leukaemia
treated by David Golde at UCLA
had splenectomy
had necessary medical procedures
Golde patented cell line derived from Moore's T-cells
Golde made 15 million dollars

moore sued and lost


what were the key legal decisions

moore does not have property interest
Golde breached fiduciary duty by not acting in the patients interest and conflict of interest due to financial gain
moore was not fully informed


what was the Hagahai T cell case

US researchers collected samples for research from Hagahai people in Papua New Guinea
They created a T cell line and applied for a patent


what where the issues raised by the Hagahai case

need for prior informed consent
discussion of benefit sharing


what is the Tissue Act Scotland 2006

authorisation for use of organs and tissues from the deceased


what are the features of the Canavan gene case

Greenberg family
provided material, time, finances
viewed as a partnership
gene test was patented and royalties claimed 'Unjust enrichment'

'naturally occurring DNA segment cannot be patented just because it has been isolated'