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Coal-workers Pneumoconiosis description and Ix

􏰀 CWP → Progressive Massive Fibrosis
􏰀 Presents as progressive dyspnoea and chronic
􏰀 CXR: upper zone fibrotic masses


Silicosis description

􏰀 Quarrying, sand-blasting
􏰀 Upper zone reticular shadowing and egg shell
calcification of hilar nodes → PMF


Asbestosis description

􏰀 Demolition and ship building
􏰀 Basal fibrosis, pleural plaques
􏰀 ↑ risk of mesothelioma
􏰁 Chest pain, wt. loss, clubbing, recurrent effusions, dyspnoea.


Asbestosis Ix shows

􏰁 CXR: pleural effusions, thickening
􏰁 Dx by histology of pleural biopsy

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