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When was the music video released?

6th February 2016


What was it exclusively released on?



What album is the track from?

The album Lemonade


How many viewers did Beyoncé’s super bowl performance of this song get?

115.5 million US viewers


What awards did this video receive?

MTV video or the year
Grammy best music video


Name 4 pieces of cultural/historical pieces of context related to this music video:

2005 Hurricane Katrina where New Orleans flooded
Slavery / antebellum era
Police brutality
Black lives matter movement
50 years of the Black Panthers


What is the main comparative study for this video?

That B.E.A.T documentary on bounce music


What does watching the video require?

Awareness of present and past racial issues in the US


What does the image of the dancing boy reference?

Police brutality footage


In terms of costume, give an example of contrast and conflict:

Old fashioned dresses vs contemporary tight fitting and revealing dance wear


What is the contrast in terms of performance?

One finger gestures/ movements vs sexualised dance routines


What are the 2 possible readings of this video?

Exploring black experience in USA
Personal exploration of Beyoncé’s life / the issue of gender equality


What genre does this song fit into?

Trap/bounce music, both of which fit into the hip hop genre


Where does trap/bounce music originate from?

South of USA


How can Roland Barthes theory of Semiotics be linked to Formation?

Beyoncé and other black women pose in white antebellum - era dresses associated with slave owning women = reverse of roles/overcoming racism or suggesting that racism is still about?


How can Baudrillard’s Postmodernism theory be linked to Formation?

Postmodern audiences are usually presented with images that aren’t real
Formation challenges that by being constructed using real images and references


How does Baudrillard suggest that the video upholds the idea that audiences are presented with simulacra-images (not real)?

The ‘real’ images could be seen as a tool to make sales therefore making them not real


How can Bell Hook’s Feminist theory be linked to Formation?

The video offers a strong gender message and shows Beyoncé as having made a political commitment to feminism


How does Formation goes against Bell Hook’s Feminist theory?

It feeds into patriarchal oppression of women (objectification,sexualisation)
Beyoncé could have just adopted a feminist lifestyle in order to make sales


How is Beyoncé represented as a person of strength and power?
(Representation idea)

She makes direct address with the audience by looking into camera


In what way could this video be seen to reinforce the idea of objectifying women?

Sexualised costumes and dance moves


Explain how Gilroy’s Ethnicity and n theory can be linked to Formation?

Challenges racial hierarchies by subverting expectations and having black women in positions of power
Could also the concept of otherness as races are divided