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What is the genre of this music video?

Grime/garage genre


When was the single ‘Dream’ released?



The sing ‘Happy Talk’ is featured in the video, what year was it released and what musical was it from?

1982 & musical South Pacific


Who was the song ‘Happy Talk’ produced by?

Captain Sensible


Who was ‘Dream’ directed by?

Dougal Wilson for the Colonel Blimp production company


Name one intertextual reference and say when it was aired:

Muffin the Mule aired on BBC from 1946 to 1955


What is the significance of the woman playing the piano in the video?

She resembles Annette Mills (presenter of Muffin the Mule), a 1950s woman


Why are intertextual references such as Muffin the Mule important and why do they create contrast in the video?

They create an innocent, child like backdrop to the video and contrast with the modern day issues also depicted


How are 2 worlds constructed in this video?

A 1950s living room and the modern day city are established through set such as props and puppet on the piano


What does the lady on the piano act as?

The presenter / narrator


What is the pianists view on the rap music?

Typical of the older generations as she seems disturbed and uncomfortable


As Dizzee performs what does he do that the pianist also does?

Directly addresses the audience and comments on the narrative/actions of puppets


What structure does the narrative follow?

A linear one, with disruptions and a resolution


What is the message of the video?

Triumph over adversity through commitment to a dream


What are the nightclub and ‘off-licence’ examples of?

Contemporary iconography


What is a binary opposition in this video? (Levi-Strauss)

Older female vs young male
White Woman vs black man
Youth vs authority
Anti-social behaviour vs hard work


How is the period setting established?

Mis-en-scene of striped wallpaper, floral curtains and grand piano connoting to a middle class environment


How is the stereotypically socially deprived city environment constructed?

Contemporary iconography on piano such as graffiti and off licence buildings


Name 4 props that reference childhood:

Pastel coloured building blocks at end of video
Musical box that Dizzee appears from
Toy police car and helicopter


When Dizzee uses the microphone prop, what does the prop connotes to?

Power as his voice can now be heard


How does the microphone giving Dizzee power also act as a signifier?

It signifies him moving away from deprivation and rebellion towards his dream and becoming a respected member of society


How does the reference to 1950s children’s tv and direct address from the pianist affect the audience?

Positions them as children being told the story


How is unease / a sense of surprise created?

Muffin the Mule operating the sound recording desk and Lord Charles puppet in the pram


What can referring to Captain Sensible and Happy Talk do to the audience?

Give them as sense of nostalgia and pleasure as they may recognise the references


How can Barthes theory of Semiotics be linked to Dream?

Images shown illustrate lyrics but also have deeper meaning linking to the idea of working to achieve a dream


Still on Barthes, how can the ‘myth’ idea link to the Dream video?

The idea of myth relates to the use of iconography such as the hoodie which is a symbol of youthful rebellion


What is post war context involved in this video?

Period when many people from the Caribbean, India and Pakistan moved to Britain to work


What do the post war period enable Britain to become?

More ethnically diverse due to the immigration


What context of the early 2000s can be associated with Dream?

Bluewater shopping centre in Kent banned hoodies in 2005 as they are put under the stereotype of being associated with violence and rebellion


How is the pianist constructed to be a 1950s white,middle aged, middle class woman?

Mis-en-scene such as her upright posture, formal jacket with floral broach on and her hair style


What is patronising about the pianists mode of address?

‘Hello boys and girls’


What does the horror on the pianists face when the helicopter flies past connote to?

Her stereotypical British reserve - how she doesn’t like any invasion of her personal space


What is Dizzee constructed to come across as, and how?

A rebellious young black male through the dress codes of red tracksuit, hoodie and trainers


How does Dizzee transform into a role model as the video goes on?

He makes the puppets partake in more creative and less destructive activities


How does Dizzee being represented as positive challenge stereotypes?

Because he is a black rapper who is usually associated with violence and danger


How are youths constructed?

Irresponsible and having no purpose - spraying graffiti, stealing the TV


How are the Scots characters constructed? (Red hair)

As drunks because they hold lager bottles


How is the police office constructed?

Brutal, white male, beating youths


What is the significance of the puppets being attached to strings?

Shows that the story is just a fable
Hierarchies of power and control


How can Hall’s theory of representation be linked to Dream?

The video deliberate constructs the puppets as stereotypes of people in society to emphasise the way in which these groups are often viewed


How can Gilroy’s theory of ethnicity and post colonialism be associated with Dream?

White and respectable children’s presenter alongside the young, black, male rascal
Pianist’s shock at song and Dizzee’s actions