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When was water aid established?



What was water aid created in response to?

The UN campaign for clean water, sanitation, water hygiene and education


Who produced the Wateraid ‘rain for good’ advert?

Atomic London


What is some cultural context of the 80s that can be linked to the Wateraid advert?

Bandaid (1984)
Live aid
Comics relief (1985)


What is the targeted audience demographic?

Uses young women for personal identification in audiences, and also because parents sympathise with children more


What are some unconventional visual and audio codes in the Wateraid advert?

Positivity of Claudia
Positive\happy music


How can Claude Levi-Strauss’ structuralism theory of binary oppositions be linked to the Wateraid advert?

Beige, brown colour palette of the setting contrasts with vibrant colours of the buckets and t-shirts


What are some of the conventions found in a charity advert, that are also shown in the Wateraid advert?

Key information
Personal narrative
Appeal for donations


What conventions does the Wateraid advert lack?

Non diegetic voiceovers
Melancholic audio codes
Black and white visual codes


How could Roland Barthes semiotics theory of enigmatic codes be linked to this advert?

Suspense is created through enigmatic use of slow motion, medium close up, low angle tracking shot of Claudius feet and bucket


How could Roland Barthes theory of semantic codes be linked to Wateraid?

The song - audience can help Claudia ‘feel like she belongs’ and ‘won’t leave her there’ if they donate


What symbolic codes are used?

Symbols of drought ridden Africa are reinforced


How is David Gauntletts identification theory be linked to this ad?

Claudia can be seen as a role model for the lifestyle that others could have if people donate


Why can Van Zoonen’s feminist theory be linked to Wateraid?

Claudia goes against stereotypical male protagonists and represents women in non traditional roles such as carrying the water (physical job)
However ad does reinforce idea of women being associated with taking care of the children