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When was Woman first published?



Who was it published by?

Odhams which is now IPC


What is the set addition of Woman?

23-29 August 1964


What was the price of the magazine?

7d = 7 old pennies


In the post-war period and in the 1960s, how many copies of women’s magazine were sold per week?

12 million


How many copies of Woman were sold per week in 1960?

3 million


What is the masthead of the magazine?



What font is used for the masthead?

Sans serif


What is the Anchorage on the front cover of the magazine?

‘British women have a special magic’


What is an example of a cover line on the front cover of Woman?

‘Seven Star Improvements’


Is IPC a small or large company?

It is a conglomerate and was taken over by Time inc


In June 2018 Time inc was renamed, what did it become?

TI Media


In the 1950s what was the role of women?

Caregivers, housewives


What was the role of women in the 1960s?

90% of women were still housewives
Women were 11 x more likely to be associated with chores
BUT more women than ever before were being educated


What is the role of women today?

Women are expected to be the housewife and have a career


What is Liesbet Van Zoonen’s view on representation in women’s magazines?

Women belong to the domestic life and to the family
Men belong to the social world of politics and work


What is Jonathan Bignells theory of Media Semiotics?

The idea that magazines construct ‘mythic’ representations of women that the better self that every woman desires to become


What is Jennifer Holt’s argument about ‘The Ideal Woman’, concerning gender roles in magazines?

The manufacturing sector of these magazines make women better consumers of home products by reinforcing the idea that women will feel fulfilled if they have them


When was 2nd wave feminism?

1960s - 1980s


What was the second wave feminism about?

Gaining equality and freeing women from male dominance


What was second wave feminism supposedly caused by?

The Civil Rights movement in the 1950s and 60s - Black people gain rights under USA laws
Caused 2nd wave feminism because many women involved in the civil rights movement realised they weren’t being treated equally when it came to gender either!
AND - ww2 because they were in male roles


How many girls were in higher education in 1962?



How did women’s views start to change during the 1960s?

Started to be against marriage
Wanted equal pay and better working conditions


What did the Women’s Liberation Movement do during the 1970s that caused controversy?

They set fire to their bras and underwear to symbolise a woman’s freedom and how women should be able to choose what to wear rather than dressing to impress men and should be allowed to be comfortable


What did Betty Friedan, an American Feminist, say about women’s roles?

‘Women are shown solely as men’s wife, mother, love object, dishwasher, cleaner and never as a person.’


How many people consume magazine brands across print and digital platforms in today’s society?

37.7 million


How many copies was ‘Woman’ selling a week, one year after it was first published?



How does the layout of ‘Woman’ reflect its historical context?

The female on the cover is main focus = targeted at women and her beauty and appearance are the most important aspect of the cover


What social/historical context is reflected through the cover of ‘Woman’?

Appearances reinforces social expectation of women
Reinforces a woman’s insignificance in society because it only focuses on her appearance not what she is capable of


How does the masthead reflect the historical context of ‘Woman’?

Male voice addressing consumers
Nothing complex or niche = all women were expected to like what is mentioned on the cover, which is why the masthead is not simple with a sans serif font


What values do the cover lines communicate?

Women as housewives - ‘kitchen improvements’
Women are appear a certain way, be desirable and also in competition with other women = ‘lingerie’ and (not a cover line) ‘A-level beauty’


What type of shot is the main image on the magazine?

Mid- shot


What mise- en- scene is used on the cover?

Stereotypically feminine colours and patterns such as floral, pastels, dull not luxurious


What values does the anchorage of the cover communicate?

Objectified women
Women can’t take anything seriously - said to have ‘magic’ = comical, silly


What elements of narrative are on the cover?

Questions asked
Addressing of audience
= makes women judge themselves and seek male approval


What ideologies does the ‘Creme Puff by Max Factor’ advert convey?

‘Beauty at a moments notice’ = targeted at women with busy lives
‘You’re perfectly lovely again’ = women aren’t without makeup
Applying makeup as man approaches her = needs to be attractive for him and seeks his acceptance


Where can Laura Mulvey’s Male Gaze Theory be applied in the set text of Woman?

Creme Puff by Max Factor advert as male looks at woman applying makeup and she becomes an object of his gaze
Breeze soap - naked woman, desirable to men


What values are conveyed by the ‘Breeze deodorant beauty soap’ advert?

Women can’t make important decisions, therefore are in charge of soaps etc
‘Because you’re a Woman’ = assumption that men don’t have to be concerned about these things and that women have to make the effort for their husbands


How are the subtle sexual connotations in the ‘Breeze’ ad constructed?

Lips rounded to blow bubbles


How does the female in the ‘Breeze’ ad conform to stereotypical notions do female beauty?

Hair down


How can Butlers gender theory be linked to ‘Breeze’?

Gender is constructed by repeated representations in the media = female becomes about being the image of western beauty and sexual desire, seen in magazines