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Who was AC3:L produced by?

Ubisoft an independent French video game publisher


When was this game released?

October 30th 2012 along with Assassins Creed 3


What platforms is this game available on?

Originally only on PS Vita handheld console but in 2014 was released on PS3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows


What is the significance about the social/cultural context for this game in the franchise?

The whole franchise has many ethnically diverse protagonists
But Liberation offers an ethnically diverse and female protagonist


What is the name of the main protagonist and what ethnicity is she?

Aveline de Grandpre and she is of French - African descent


What time period is the game set in?

18th century
Specifically between 1765 and 1777


How did the franchise make this game successful in terms of distribution?

Simultaneous release with Ac3 promotes PSVita console
Plus pre orders included downloadable content


What age rating did AC3:L get and by which regulatory company?

18 by PEGI


How was an audience targeted?

Handheld Ps Vita = offers more casual gameplay
Female protagonist = appeals to a different audience demographic whilst offering female gamers identification


How has convergence been used to increase consumption?

Convergent links,such as DLC weapons and special features, between Liberation and AC3 encourage people to purchase both games in order to get the bonuses = gamers are buying in to the content


How can Bandura’s theory on how media effects consumers be linked to AC3:L?

Audiences targeted could mimic the violence in the game


How can Henry Jenkins Fandom theory be linked to this game?

Online fan culture and communities provide gamers with additional experiences to that of the game = more involved in the franchise


How can Hesmondhalgh’s Cultural Industries theory be linked to AC franchise?

It minimises risk by being released on a handheld casual device
Maximises audiences by having links with AC3, accessible to mobile gamers and by having a female protagonist for female gamers to identify with


How can Regulation of this game be questioned? (Livingstone and Lunt)

The question as to whether individuals or industries should self regulate as many people under the age rating will get hold of the game anyway


How did technological change affect the AC franchise and it’s production values?

PS Vita combines a big budget console experience with mobile gaming convenience which was new for the franchise that was based on consoles such as PS before


Which company was the PS Vita made by?

Sony Interactive Entertainment


What is the impact of the convergence used?

Giving players the opportunity to get bonus content promotes engagement and identification with the game


List the 5 bonuses for gamers when converging games and consoles online:

DLC Weapons


Where is the game set?

New Orleans