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When was TIDE launched and by who?

1946 by Procter and Gamble


What is the historical context of TIDE?

Post ww2 1950s consumer boom leads to new technologies such as vacuum cleaners, microwaves and washing machines and therefore make chores easier


What is a comparative study text that can be linked to TIDE?

WW2 adverts such as ‘Women’s land army’ challenge stereotypical representations of women who are usually confined to the domestic sphere


Who was the target audience for the TIDE advertisement?

Lower-middle class women, readers of good housekeeping


How could Stuart Halls reception theory be linked to the TIDE advertisement?

Indirect mode of address made by main woman connotes the importance of her relationship with the product
Direct mode of address - you women = personal pronouns and imperatives


How can Leisbet Van Zoonen’s feminist theory be linked to the TIDE advertisement?

TIDE is an example of conservative representation (traditional view of women) contradicts zoonen’s theory that media makes social change happen by going against traditions


How can George Gerbners cultivation theory be linked to the TIDE advertisement?

TIDE repeats key messages which makes audiences align their own ideologies with the messages shown


How can Bell Hooks feminist theory be linked to the TIDE advertisement?

Only uses white women - idea that lighter skinned women are more desirable in western culture


How can Gilroys post colonial theory be linked to the TIDE advertisement?

TIDE reinforces colonial power by using only white people


In terms of code and conventions, what font does the TIDE advertisement use, and what does this imply?

Sans-serif font for headings, sub-headings and slogans = informal mode of address
Serif font for technical details connotes more serious and factual information


In terms of codes and conventions, how does the use of colour impact the audiences view on the product?

Reds and blues = patriotic colours, bright so they imply positive associations with the product


How can Roland Barthes Hermeneutic code be linked to the TIDE advertisement?

Suspense is created through the enigma of ”what women want”


How can the Proairetic code be linked to the TIDE advertisement?

Anticipation created through the use of exclamation points


How can a semantic code be linked to the TIDE advertisement?

Connotations of love and relationships with images of hearts & the women’s gestures (such as hugging the washing powder box) associates the product with domestic and romantic happiness


What is stereotypical about the dress code in the TIDE advertisement?

1950s hairdo (shorter, held back with ribbon) - glamorous but practical and connotes housework


What is an example of binary oppositions in the TIDE advertisement?

Tied back hair (suggesting hard work) and a full face of makeup


What audience demographic if TIDE targeted at?

Newly married women with children


How can Stuart Halls representation theory be linked to the TIDE advertisement?

Domestic images are familiar to the audiences own lives


How can David Gauntlett’s theory of identity be linked to the TIDE advertisement?

Women are represented at role models for the audience to construct their own sense of identity against


What is the preferred reading of the TIDE advertisement?

Through words such as “ trust”, “truly safe” and “miracle” the product provides solutions to the needs of the audience