a level media studies - mrs edmunds

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Semiotics: Roland Barthes
What did roland barthes believe,
What is meant by preferred meaning,
What type of audiences are danger...
8  cards
Late Night Womens Hour
How often is lnwh broadcast,
What is the broadcast a spin off ...,
What station is the broadcast on
40  cards
Representation Terminology
Dominant ideology
26  cards
Postmodern Terms
Consumer culture,
Cultural capital,
13  cards
David Hesmondhalgh - The Cultural Industries
Cultural industry,
4  cards
Key Terms: Media language
Action code,
Arc of transformation
47  cards
How can banduras media effects th...,
How can baudrillards theory of po...,
How can bell hooks feminist theor...
48  cards
6  cards
Baudrillard and post modernism,
Gauntlett s identity theory,
Gerbner cultivation theory
29  cards
Newspaper/Magazine Terminology
10  cards
Straight Outta Compton
What genre is the film,
Which company produced the film,
Which company distributed the film
28  cards
When was woman first published,
Who is it published by,
What is the set addition of woman
41  cards
Where is adbusters from,
When was it founded,
Who is it made by
34  cards
Film Classifications, audience types and printing
What does bbfc stand for,
What is meant by demographic,
What is meant by psychographic
19  cards
Media figures/ theories
What is abraham maslows hierarchy...,
What can be found in layer 1 of m...,
What can be found in the second l...
37  cards
Inequality & Capitalist Ideas
What does hegemony mean,
What does misogyny mean,
What does patriarchal mean
7  cards
When was tide launched and by who,
What is the historical context of...,
What is a comparative study text ...
20  cards
Kiss Of The Vampire
Which production company produced...,
Who was kotv distributed by,
What is kotv a sequel to
24  cards
When was water aid established,
What was water aid created in res...,
Who produced the wateraid rain fo...
14  cards
What does the responsible adverti...,
What does the community standards...,
What are the 4 aspects of a game ...
31  cards
Newspapers - political affiliations
What does anarchism mean,
9  cards
Newspapers - News Values
Closeness to home proximity,
12  cards
Media Industries Terminology
Concentration of media ownership
22  cards
Representation Theorists (essential ones) and terminology
Stuart hall,
Stuart hall on stereotypes,
David gauntlett on identity
22  cards
Assassins Creed 3: Liberation
Who was ac3 l produced by,
When was this game released,
What platforms is this game avail...
19  cards
I,Daniel Blake
What does film distribution mean,
What does marketing mean,
Who directed i daniel blake
23  cards
When was the music video released,
What was it exclusively released on,
What album is the track from
22  cards
What is the genre of this music v...,
When was the single dream released,
The sing happy talk is featured i...
41  cards
Who is the song by,
What record company produced this...,
What genre is this song
40  cards
Match the character to the actor ...,
Joe hawkins,
Sophie hawkins
27  cards

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