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Boon [n]

/ bu:n /





- Something that is very useful and makes your life a lot easier or better :  

+ Lợi ích, lời đề nghị



Coincide [v]


/ kəʊən'saɪd /


- To happen at the same time as something else, especially by chance  →  coincidence 

coincide with 

>>His entry to the party coincided with his marriage. 

planned/timed/arranged to coincide 

>>The show is timed to coincide with the launch of a new book. 

+ Xảy ra đồng thời, trùng với


Comfort [n]


/ 'kʌmfət / 


1. A feeling of being physically relaxed and satisfied, so that nothing is hurting you, making you feel too hot or cold etc → comfortable, discomfort 

built/made/designed for comfort 

>>All our sports shoes are designed for comfort and performance. 

in comfort 

Now you can watch your favorite movies  in the comfort of  your own home. 

2. if someone or something gives you comfort, they make you feel calmer, happier, or more hopeful after you have been worried or unhappy  → comforting :  

give/bring/provide/offer comfort 

>>a book which offers comfort and help to the parents of children with cancer 

+ Sự an ủi, sự thoải mái, sự an nhàn


Decisive [adj]


 / dɪ'saɪsɪv /


- Someone who is decisive is good at making decisions quickly and with confidence  OPP  indecisive :  

>>a decisive leader 

>>a talent for quick  decisive action 

+ Kiên quyết, quả quyết, dứt khoát


Enticing [adj]


/ ɪn'taɪsɪŋ /


- Something that is enticing attracts or interests you a lot SYN tempting:  

>>It was a hot day and the water looked enticing. 

— enticingly   adverb 

 + Hấp dẫn, lôi cuốn


Firm [n]

/ fɜ:m /


- A business or company, especially a small one 

electronics/advertising/law etc firm 

She works for an electronics firm.

+ Hãng, công ty


Loom [v]

 / lu:m /



- To appear as a large unclear shape, especially in a threatening way 

loom up/out/ahead etc 

>>Suddenly a mountain loomed up in front of them. 

+ Hiên ra lờ mờ


Proponent [n]


/ prə'pəʊnənt / 



- Someone who supports something or persuades people to do something SYN advocate → opponent 

proponent of 

Steinem has always been a  strong proponent  of women’s rights. 

+ Người đề xuất, người khởi xướng




Preponderance [n]


/ prɪ'pɒndərəns / 


- If there is a preponderance of people or things of a particular type in a group, there are more of that type than of any other :  

>>There is a preponderance of female students in the music department. 

+ Sự vượt trội hơn, ưu thế hơn  


Routinely [adv]


/ ru:'ti:nli /



- If something is routinely done, it is done as a normal part of a process or job SYN regularly:  

>>This vaccine is already routinely used. 

+ Thông thường, thường lệ




Turnover [n]


/ 'tɜ:rn,oʊvər /


1. The amount of business done during a particular period 

turnover of 

>>The illicit drugs industry has an  annual turnover of some £200 billion. 

2. the rate at which a particular kind of goods is sold 

turnover of 

>>Tri-Star’s fast turnover of stock 

3. The rate at which people leave an organization and are replaced by others 

turnover of 

>>Low pay accounts for the  high turnover. 

+ Doanh số, doanh thu, sự xoay vòng hàng hoá