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Aspect [n]


/ 'æspekt /

One part of a situation, idea, plan etc that has many parts 

aspect of 

>>Dealing with people is the most important aspect of my work. 

+Khía cạnh, mặt, bộ phận






Breed [v]

 / bri:d /

( past tense and past participle  bred  / bred / ) 








1. [ intransitive ] if animals breed, they mate in order to have babies :  

>>Eagles breed during the cooler months of the year. 

2. [ transitive ] to keep animals or plants in order to produce babies or new plants, especially ones with particular qualities :  

>>These dogs were originally bred in Scotland to round up sheep.

+ sinh sản, sinh đẻ

+ gây giống; chăn nuôi


Diurnal [adj]


/ daɪ'ɜnəl /




1. happening or active in the daytime  OPP  nocturnal 

2. happening every day

+ Suốt ngày, hàng ngày



Endure [v]


/ ɪn'djʊə /



1. [ transitive ] to be in a difficult or painful situation for a long time without complaining :  

>>It seemed impossible that anyone could endure such pain. 

2. [ intransitive ] to remain alive or continue to exist for a long time :  

>>friendships which endure over many years 

+ chịu đựng, cam chịu


Evolve [v]


/ ɪ'vɒlv /



1. if an animal or plant evolves, it changes gradually over a long period of time  →  evolution 

evolve from 

>>Fish evolved from prehistoric sea creatures. 

2. to develop and change gradually over a long period of time :  

>>The school has evolved its own style of teaching

evolve out of 

>>The idea evolved out of work done by British scientists. 

evolve into 

>>The group gradually evolved into a political party. 

+ tiến triển; tiến hoá

+ rút ra, suy ra, luận ra, lấy ra

+ mở ra, phát ra 


Feat [n]

/ fi:t / 




something that is an impressive achievement, because it needs a lot of skill, strength etc to do  

>>They climbed the mountain in 28 days, a remarkable feat. 

feat of 

>>an incredible feat of engineering 


Hemisphere [n]


/ 'heməsfɪə / 




1. a half of the Earth, especially one of the halves above and below the  equator :  

>>the Northern hemisphere 

2 one of the two halves of your brain 

— hemispherical  / hemə'sferəkəl /   adjective

+ Bán cầu,

+ Bán cầu não



Inhabit [v]


/ ɪn'hæbit / 


if animals or people inhabit an area or place, they live there  SYN  live :  

>>The woods are inhabited by many wild animals. 

inhabited islands 

— inhabitable   adjective

+ Ở, sống ở


Migration [n]


 / maɪ'ɡreɪʃən /


1. when large numbers of people go to live in another area or country, especially in order to find work 

2. when birds or animals travel regularly from one part of the world to another 

3. when people start using a different computer system, or information is moved to a different computer system

+ Di trú



Navigation [v]


/ nævə'ɡeɪʃən /



1. the science or job of planning which way you need to go when you are travelling from one place to another :  

>>compasses and other instruments of navigation 

2. when someone sails a ship along a river or other area of water :  

>>Navigation becomes more difficult further up the river. 

+Lái tàu, ngành hàng hảihải

— navigational   adjective

— navigatior  noun


Nocturnal [adj]


/ nɒk'tɜnl / 




1. an animal that is nocturnal is active at night :  

>>Hamsters are nocturnal creatures. 

2. formal happening at night :  

>>Rebecca paid a nocturnal visit to the flat.

+ (Thuộc) đêm, về đêm


Obscure [adj]


/ əb'skjʊə /  





1. not well known and usually not very important :  

>>The details of his life remain obscure . 

2. difficult to understand :  

>>For some obscure reason, the group is very popular. 


— obscurely  adverb 

+ không có tiếng tăm, ít người biết đến

+ không rõ nghĩa, mơ hồ, khó hiểu


Optimal [adj]


/ 'ɒptəməl /  



the best or most suitable  SYN  optimum 

+ Tốt nhất, tối ưu


Species [n]


/ 'spiʃiz /




A group of animals or plants whose members are similar and can breed together to produce young animals or plants  →  genus :  

>>Seven species of birds of prey have been observed. 

>>pandas and other endangered species  (= ones that may soon no longer exist )

+ Loài


Stray [v]


/ streɪ /



1. To move away from the place you should be 

stray into/onto/from 

>>Three of the soldiers strayed into enemy territory. 

2. To begin to deal with or think about a different subject from the main one, without intending to 

stray into/onto/from 

We’re straying into ethnic issues here. 

+ Đi xa, đi lạc

+ Lạc đề


Windswept [adj]


 / 'wɪndswept / 

1. A place that is windswept is often windy because there are not many trees or buildings to protect it :  

>>windswept moors 

2. Hair, clothes etc that are windswept have been blown around by the wind 

+ Lộng gió, xáo trộn