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Conflict [v,n]


/ kən'flɪkt /



- If two ideas, beliefs, opinions etc conflict, they cannot exist together or both be true 

conflict with 

>>new evidence which conflicts with previous findings 

conflicting opinions/demands/interests etc 

>>There are conflicting views about what caused the accident. 

+ Sự xung đột,

+ Đối lập, trái ngược


Considerably [adv]


/ kən'sɪdərəbli /



- Much or a lot :  

>>Conditions have improved considerably over the past few years. 

+ Đáng kể


Culminate [v]


/ 'kʌlmɪneɪt /




culminate in/with something

- If a process culminates in or with a particular event, it ends with that event :  

>>A series of events for teachers and students will culminate in a Shakespeare festival next year. 

+ Lên đến cực điểm, lên đến tuột độ




Emerge [v]


/ ɪ'mɜ:dʒ /



1. To appear or come out from somewhere :  

>>The flowers emerge in the spring. 

emerge from 

>>The sun emerged from behind the clouds. 

2. To begin to be known or noticed :  

emerge as 

>>Local government has recently emerged as a major issue. 

+ Nổi lên, hiện ra  


Exaggerate [v]


/ ɪɡ'zædʒəreɪt /


- To make something seem better, larger, worse etc than it really is :  

>>I couldn’t sleep for three days – I’m not exaggerating. 

it’s easy/difficult/impossible to exaggerate something 

>>It’s difficult to exaggerate the importance of sleep. 

+ Thổi phồng, phóng đại, cường điệu


Frailty [n]


/ freɪlti /


1. The lack of strength or health SYN weakness 

frailty of 

>>the frailty of her thin body 

2. Something bad or weak in your character:

>>human frailties 

+ Sự mỏng manh, dễ vỡ

+ Yếu điểm, nhược điểm



Gesture [n]


/ 'dʒestʃə /



1. A movement of part of your body, especially your hands or head, to show what you mean or how you feel 

gesture of 

She shook her head with a gesture of impatience. 

2. Something that you say or do, often something small, to show how you feel about someone or something :  

gesture of 

As a gesture of goodwill, we have decided to waive the charges on this occasion. 

gesture towards 

The Queen has now  made  a  gesture  towards public opinion. 

— gestural   adjective 

+ Điệu bộ, cử chỉ

+ Hành động thiện ý


Humorous [adj]


/ 'hjumərəs /


- Funny and enjoyable :  

>>The film has some mildly humorous moments. 

— humorously   adverb 

+ Khôi hài, hài ước


Literal [adj]


/ 'lɪtərəl /



1. The literal meaning of a word or expression is its basic or original meaning → figurative 

literal meaning/sense/interpretation etc 

>>A trade war is not a war in the literal sense. 

2. A translation that translates each word exactly instead of giving the general meaning in a more natural way OPP free 

— literalness   noun

+ Thuộc chữ, bằng chữ, theo nghĩa đen



Portray [v]


/ pɔ:'treɪ  /



1. To describe or represent something or someone  SYN depict :  

>>His most famous painting portrayed the death of Nelson. 

2. To act the part of a character in a play, film, or television programme SYN play:  

>>She portrays a dancer in the hit film. 

+ Miêu tả, đóng vai


Prominent [adj]


/ 'prɒmɪnənt / 


- Something that is in a prominent place is easily seen 

prominent place/position 

>>The statue was in a prominent position outside the railway station. 

— prominently adverb:  

+ Dễ thấy, nổi bât, xuất chúng



Prop [v]

/ prɒp /

( past tense and past participle propped ) 


- To prevent something from falling by putting something against it or under it :  

>>The builders are trying to prop up the crumbling walls of the church. 

+ Chống đỡ, dựng lên



Reminiscence [n]


/ remɪ'nɪsəns /


- A spoken or written story about events that you remember → memoir 

reminiscence of/about 

>>reminiscences of the war 

+ Sự nhớ lại, sự hồi tưởng  


Renowned [adj]


/ rɪnaʊnd /


- Known and admired by a lot of people, especially for a special skill, achievement, or quality SYN famous 

renowned for 

>>an island renowned for its beauty 

renowned as 

>>He’s renowned as a brilliant speaker. 

renowned author/actor/photographer etc 

>>a world renowned expert in the field 

+ Có tiếng, nổi tiếng, lừng danh



Sharpen [v]


/ 'ʃɑpən /



1. To make something have a sharper edge or point, or to become sharper :  

>>Anne sharpened her pencil and got out her homework. 

2. To make a feeling stronger and more urgent :  

>>A series of attacks have sharpened fears of more violence. 

3. To improve something so that it is up to the necessary standard, quality etc :  

>>The course will help students sharpen their writing skills. 

+ Mài, vót

+ Làm tăng thêm, trân trọng