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Blend [v]

 / blend /



1. To combine different things in a way that produces an effective or pleasant result, or to become combined in this way:  

blend with/together 

Leave the sauce to allow the flavours to blend together. 

+ Trộn lẫn, pha trộn



Auditory [adj]


/ ɔdɪtəri /



- Relating to the ability to hear

+ Thuộc thính giác


Circumstance [n]


 / 'sɜ:kəmstəns / 


- The conditions that affect a situation, action, event etc:  

>>The Soviet Union had been forced by circumstances to sign a pact with Nazi Germany. 

+ Hoàn cảnh, trường hợp, tình huống


Conventional [adj]

/ kən'venʃənəl /


- A conventional method, product, practice etc has been used for a long time and is considered the usual type:  

>>Internet connections through conventional phone lines are fairly slow. 

+ Thường, theo tục lệ



Facial [adj]

/ feɪʃəl / 


- On your face or relating to your face :  

Victor’s facial expression didn’t change. 

— facially  adverb :  

+ Thuộc mặt



Fidget [v]

/ fɪdʒɪt /



- To keep moving your hands or feet, especially because you are bored or nervous:  

The kids had started to fidget. 

fidget with 

Stop fidgeting with your pens! 

+ Làm sốt ruột


Hinder [v]

/ 'hɪndə /




- To make it difficult for something to develop or succeed SYN hamper:  

>>His career has been hindered by injury. 

+ Cản trở



/ ɪn'kɔ:pəreɪt / 


- To include something as part of a group, system, plan etc 

incorporate something into/in something 

>>We’ve incorporated many environmentally friendly features into the design of the building. 

— incorporation noun

+ Sát nhập, hợp nhấtnhất, kết nạp


Manipulate [v]

/ mə'nɪpjʊleɪt /


1. To make someone think and behave exactly as you want them to, by skilfully deceiving or influencing them:  

manipulate somebody into (doing) something 

The thought that any parent would manipulate their child into seeking fame just appalled me. 

2. To work skilfully with information, systems etc to achieve the result that you want:  

software designed to store and manipulate data


+ Vận động, lôi kéo

+ Vận dụng bằng tay, thao tác



Obstruction  [n]

/ əb'strʌkʃən /


1. When something blocks a road, passage, tube etc, or the thing that blocks it SYN blockage:  

obstruction of 

an unlawful obstruction of the highway 

2. When someone or something prevents or delays a legal or political process 

obstruction of 

the obstruction of vital legislation 


+ Cản trở, phá rối


Recite  [v]

/ rɪ'saɪt /



1. To say a poem, piece of literature etc that you have learned, for people to listen to:  

She recited a poem that she had learnt at school. 

2. To tell someone a series or list of things:  

Len recited the breakfast menu – cereal, bacon and eggs, and toast. 

— reciter  noun

+ Thuật lại, kể lại



Solitary [adj]

 / sɒlɪtəri / 


- Used to emphasize that there is only one of something SYN single:  

the solitary goal of the match 

— solitarily  adverb 

— solitariness  noun

+ Cô đơn, hiu quạnh  


Verbal [adj]

/ 'vɜ:bəl / 


- Relating to words or using words :  

verbal skills 

— verbally adverb :  

+ (Thuộc) từ, bằng lời nói