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Accelerate [v]


/ ək'seləreɪt / 




1. If a process accelerates or if something accelerates it, it happens faster than usual or sooner than you expect :  

>>measures to accelerate the rate of economic growth 

2. If a vehicle or someone who is driving it accelerates, it starts to go faster  OPP  decelerate :  

>>The car accelerated smoothly away. 

+ Làm nhanh thêm, tăng mau hơn 


Appeal [v]

 / ə'pi:l /





1. To make a serious public request for help, money, information etc 

appeal for 

>>Church and community leaders have appealed for calm. 

appeal to 

>>Farmers have appealed to the government for help. 

2. If someone or something appeals to you, they seem attractive and interesting 

appeal to 

>>The programme appeals to young children. 

+ Yêu cầu giúp đỡ, khẩn khoản

+ Hấp dẫn, lôi cuấn

+ Kháng cáo, chống án



Classify [v]


/ 'klæsɪfaɪ / 


1. To decide what group something belongs to  →  classification 

classify something as/under something 

>>In law, beer is classified as a food product. 

2. To regard people or things as belonging to a particular group because they have similar qualities  →  classification :  

>>As a musician, Cage is hard to classify. 

— classifiable   adjective 

+ Phân loại


Cummuter [n]


/ kə'mjutə /    

- Someone who travels a long distance to work every day


Consume [v]

/ kən'sum /



1. To use time, energy, goods etc  →  consumption :  

>>Only 27% of the paper we consume is recycled. 

2. To eat or drink something  →  consumer ,  consumption :  

>>Alcohol may not be consumed on the premises. 

3. If a feeling or idea consumes you, it affects you very strongly, so that you cannot think about anything else :  

>>She was scared by the depression which threatened to consume her. 

+ Ăn uống, tiêu dùng


Embrace [v]


/ ɪm'breɪs /



1. To put your arms around someone and hold them in a friendly or loving way  SYN  hug :  

>>Jack warmly embraced his son. 

2. To eagerly accept a new idea, opinion, religion etc :  

>>We hope these regions will embrace democratic reforms. 

3. To include something as part of a subject, discussion etc :  

>>This course embraces several different aspects of psychology. 

+ Ôm, nắm lấy, bao quát, gồm


Flair  [n]

/ fleə /



1. A natural ability to do something very well  SYN  talent :  

>>Jo has a flair for languages. 

2. A way of doing things that is interesting and shows imagination 

artistic/creative flair 

>>a job for which artistic flair is essential

+ Năng khiếu


Flume [n]

/ flum / 







- Along narrow structure built for water to slide down, which is used to move water or wood, or which people slide down for fun : 

+ Máng, khe


Hamper [v]


/ 'hæmpə /



- To make it difficult for someone to do something :  

>>She tried to run, but was hampered by her heavy suitcase.

+ Vướng, cản trở, ngăn trở  


Incentive [n]


/ ɪn'sentɪv /



- Something that encourages you to work harder, start a new activity etc  →  motivation :  

>>Awards provide an incentive for young people to improve their skills.

+ Sự khích lệ

+ Khuyến khích, khích lệ, động viên [adj]


Marked [adj]

/ mɑrkt /


1. Very easy to notice SYN noticeable :  

>>The patient showed a marked improvement in her condition after changing medication. 

2. marked man/woman  a person who is in danger because someone wants to harm them 

— markedly  / mɑkədli /   adverb : 

+ Rõ ràng, rõ rệt



Monetary [adj]


/ 'mɑ: nəteri /  

- Relating to money, especially all the money in a particular country :  

>>the government’s tight monetary policy 

+ Thuộc tiền tệ


Plodding [adj]


/ 'plɒdɪŋ  / 



- Slow or thorough and not exciting :  

plodding research

+ Lê bước đi, ráng sức, cật lực


Rural [adj]


 / 'rʊərəl /



1. Happening in or relating to the countryside, not the city  OPP  urban :  

>>a rural setting 

2. Like the countryside or reminding you of the countryside :  

>>It’s very rural round here, isn’t it ? 

+ Thuộc nông thôn


Span[ v]

 / spæn / 



1. To include all of a period of time :  

>>A career which spanned nearly 60 years 

2. To include all of a particular space or area :  

>>The Mongol Empire spanned much of Central Asia. 

3. If a bridge spans an area of water, especially a river, it goes from one side to the other

+ Mở rộng, xoè rộng, bắc ngang qua

+ Nối (từ giai đoạn này quà giai đoạn khác)


Sprawl [v]

 / sprɔl / 



1. To lie or sit with your arms or legs stretched out in a lazy or careless way :  

>>He sprawled out on the sofa. 

2. If buildings sprawl, they spread out over a wide area in an untidy and unattractive way :  

>>The town seemed to sprawl for miles. 

+ Nằm ườn ra,

+ Nằm ngổn ngang, trải ngổn ngang



Suburban [adj]


/ sə'bɜbən / 


1. Related to a suburb, or in a suburb :  

>>a quiet, suburban street 

2. Boring and typical of people who live in the suburbs :  

>>narrow-minded, suburban attitudes 

+ Thuộc khu ngoại ô



Urban [adj]


/ ɜbən /


1. Relating to towns and cities  OPP  rural  →  suburban :  

>>the deprived sections of the urban population 

+ Thuộc nội thành