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Accumulate [v]


 / ə'kjumjəleɪt / 

1. [ transitive ] to gradually get more and more money, possessions, knowledge etc over a period of time :  

>>It is unjust that a privileged few should continue to accumulate wealth. 

2. [ intransitive ] to gradually increase in numbers or amount until there is a large quantity in one place :  

>>Fat tends to accumulate around the hips and thighs. 


* accumulation  / əkjumjə'leɪʃən /   noun


Dilute [v]


/ daɪ'lu:t /

1. To make a liquid weaker by adding water or another liquid  →  water down :  

dilute something with/in something 

>>Dilute the paint with a little oil. 

2. To make a quality, belief etc weaker or less effective  SYN  water down :  

>>an attempt to dilute the proposals 

+ Loãng, pha loãng


— dilution  / daɪluʃ ə n /   noun  [ uncountable and countable ] :  

Any dilution of standards must be resisted. 




to mix foods, liquids etc 

mix   to put different substances or liquids together so that they can no longer be separated :  Mix yellow and blue paint to make green.  |  This cake is really easy – you just mix everything together in the bowl.  |  Concrete is made by mixing gravel with sand, cement, and water. 

combine    to mix things together so that they form a single substance.  Combine  is more formal than  mix :  Combine the flour and the eggs.  |  Steel is produced by combining iron with carbon. 

stir   to move a spoon or stick around in a liquid, a pan etc, especially when you are mixing things together :  Keep stirring until the sauce becomes thicker.  |  Stir the sugar into the warm milk.  |  Stir the paint before you use it. 

blend    to mix together soft or liquid substances to form a single smooth substance :  Blend the yogurt with fresh fruit for a great drink. 

beat    to mix food together quickly and thoroughly using a fork or kitchen tool – used especially about eggs :  Beat the eggs and add them to the milk and flour. 

whisk   to mix foods that are soft or liquid very quickly so that air is mixed in, using a fork or special tool :  Whisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks. 

dilute   to mix a liquid with water in order to make it weaker :  Dilute the bleach with two parts water to one part bleach. 



Diverse [adj]


/ daɪ'vɜ:s / 




very different from each other :  

>>subjects as diverse as pop music and archaeology 

* diversely   adverb

+ Gồm nhiều loại khác nhau, linh tinh

+ Thay đổi khác nhau


Evaporate [v]


/ ɪ'væpəreɪt /


1. If a liquid evaporates, or if heat evaporates it, it changes into a gas :  

>>Most of the water had evaporated. 

2. If a feeling evaporates, it slowly disappears :  

>>Hopes of achieving peace are beginning to evaporate. 

* evaporation  / ɪvæpə'reɪʃən/   noun

+ Làm bay hơi, bay hơi



Fringe [n]


/ frɪndʒ /


1. If you have a fringe, your hair is cut so that it hangs down over your forehead  SYN  bangs:  

>>a tall girl with straight brown hair and a fringe 

2. a decorative edge of hanging threads on a curtain, piece of clothing etc.

+ Tóc cắt ngan chán, vân, tua




Moisture [n]


/ 'mɔɪstʃə /



Small amounts of water that are present in the air, in a substance, or on a surface :  

>>Plants use their roots to absorb moisture from the soil. 

>>Your skin’s moisture content varies according to weather conditions. 

+ Hơi ẩm, nước ẩm


Prolific [adj]


 / prə'lɪfɪk /

1. A prolific artist, writer etc produces many works of art, books etc :  

>>Handel’s prolific output of opera 

2. A prolific sports player produces a lot of runs,  goals ...

>>the most prolific goalscorer this decade 

3. An animal or plant that is prolific produces many babies or many other plants 

4. Existing in large numbers :  

>>the prolific bird life 

* prolifically  / -kli /   adverb 
+ Thận trong, sắc bénbén, không ngoan

+ Sảo quyệtquyệt, mưu mô



Resilient [adj]


/ rɪ'zɪliənt /


1. Able to become strong, happy, or successful again after a difficult situation or event  →  tough :  

>>Children are often very resilient. 

2. Strong and not easily damaged by being pulled, pressed etc :  

>>Boots with tough resilient soles 

* resiliently   adverb 
+ sôi nổi, co giãn, đàn hồi



Sparse [adj]

/ spɑ:s / 

Existing only in small amounts :  

>>his sparse brown hair 

>>rural areas with sparse populations 

* sparsely   adverb :  

* sparseness   noun  

+ Thưa thớt, rải rác





Swing [v]

/ swɪŋ /

( past tense and past participle swung)

1. Move from a fixed point

>>Let your arms swing as you walk. 

>>She  swung  her legs  from side to side . 

2. Move in a curve 

>>Swinging her bag over her shoulder, she hurried on. 

3. hit

>>She swung her bag at him. 


Thrive [v]

/ θraɪv /

(past tense thrived or throve / θrəʊv /, past participle thrived)

To become very successful or very strong and healthy :  

>>plants that thrive in tropical rain forests 

>>a business which managed to thrive during a recession 

+ Thịnh vượng, phát đạt

+ Lớn mau, mau lớn


Violent [adj]


 / 'vaɪələnt /


1. Involving actions that are intended to injure or kill people, by hitting them, shooting them etc :  

>>violent clashes between the police and demonstrators 

2. Someone who is violent is likely to attack, hurt, or kill other people  SYN  aggressive :  

+ Mãnh liệt, hung giữ, kịch liệt, quá khích, quá đáng