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Catastrophe [n]

 / kə'tæstrəfi / 


- A terrible event in which there is a lot of destruction, suffering, or death SYN disaster 

environmental/nuclear/economic etc catastrophe 

>>The Black Sea is facing ecological catastrophe as a result of pollution. 

prevent/avert a catastrophe 

>>Sudan requires food immediately to avert a humanitarian catastrophe. 

— catastrophic  / kætə'strɑfɪk /   adjective:  

— catastrophically  adverb 


+ Sự kiện thảm khốc


Compensate  [v]

/ 'kɒmpənseɪt /


- To replace or balance the effect of something bad:  

compensate for 

Her intelligence more than compensates for her lack of experience. 

+ đên bù, bồi thường


Disparate [adj]

/ 'dɪspərɪt /


- Consisting of things or people that are very different and not related to each other:  

a meeting covering many disparate subjects 

the difficulties of dealing with disparate groups of people 

+ Khac hẳn nhau, khác loại, tạp nham


Flow [n]

/ floʊ /



- Smooth steady movement of liquid, gas, or electricity 

flow of 

He struggled to swim against the flow of the water. 

+ Dòng chảy


Indispensable [adj]

/ ɪndɪ'spensəbəl /


- Someone or something that is indispensable is so important or useful that it is impossible to manage without them SYN essential 

indispensable to 

This book is indispensable to anyone interested in space exploration. 

indispensable for/in (doing) something 

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. 

+ Không thể thiếu, thuyệt đối cần thiết  


Inexplicable [adj]

/ ɪnɪk'splɪkəbəl /



- Too unusual or strange to be explained or understood SYN incomprehensible, strange:  

For some inexplicable reason, he felt depressed

— inexplicably   adverb 

+ Không giải thích được, không cắt nghĩa được


Inquiry [n]

/ ɪnkwaɪri /  


1. A question you ask in order to get information 

inquiry about 

We’re getting a lot of inquiries about our new London–Rio service. 

2. The act or process of asking questions in order to get information:  

On further inquiry, it emerged that Malcolm had not been involved in the incident. 

3. An official process to find out about something 

inquiry into 

a judicial inquiry into the deaths 


+ Câu hỏi (Tìm hiểu) 

+ (Sự) phỏng vấn, điều tra, thẩm vấn



Perseverance  [n]

/ pɜ:sə'vɪərəns /


- Determination to keep trying to achieve something in spite of difficulties – use this to show approval :  

It took perseverance to overcome his reading problems. 

+ Tính kiên nhẫn, tính kiên trì


Rally [v]

 / 'ræli /


- To come together, or to bring people together, to support an idea, a political party etc 

rally to 

Fellow Republicans rallied to the President’s defense. 

rally to do something 

Surely the local business community could have rallied to raise the cash. 

+ Tập hợp lại, củng cố lại


Requisite [adj, n]  

/ 'rekwɪzət / 



- [adj] Needed for a particular purpose SYN  necessary, required:  

He lacks the requisite qualifications. 

- [n] something that is needed for a particular purpose

requisite of/for 

He lacked the moral requisites for marriage. 

+ Được đòi hỏi, cần thiết

+ Điều kiện tất yếu



Tow [v]

/ toʊ / 



To pull a vehicle or ship along behind another vehicle, using a rope or chain:   

tow something away 

Our car had been towed away 

+ Kéo theo


Triumph [n]

/ 'traɪəmf /




1. An important victory or success after a difficult struggle :  

triumph for 

a tremendous  diplomatic triumph  for France 

triumph over 

the triumph over hardship 

2. A feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you get from victory or success:  

in triumph 

He rode in triumph to the Tsar. 

+ Chiến thắng, thắng lợi

+ Niềm hân hoan, niềm vui thắng lới


Utterly  [adv]

/ 'ʌtəli /   

- (Completely) used especially to emphasize that something is very bad, or that a feeling is very strong :  

You look utterly miserable. 

+ Hoàn toàn, toàn bộ, tuyệt đối


Vilify  [v]

/ 'vɪlɪfaɪ /


- To say or write bad things about someone or something 

vilify somebody/something for (doing) something 

Johnson was vilified in the press for refusing to resign. 

— vilification   noun

+ Nói xấu, phỉ báng, lăng mạ, vu khống