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what is Gullian barre syndrome

-autoimmune & inflammation damage to peripheral nervous system
-aute, generalized paralysis


what always comes with autoimmunity

autoimmunity causes inflm, so with autoimmunity comes inflm


how does classic autoimminty come about

-for classic autoimmunity always preceded by an infection that triggers autoimmunity, so immune response is producing antibodies and T cells, then something changes in immunity causing target of self component


gullian barre syndrome essentially presents as

acute generalized paralysis


Etiology of Guillian Barre syndrome

-preceded by infection (1-4 wks)


guillian barre syndrome preceded by

infect (1-4 wks before)
most common: campylobacter jejuni (bacterium, tend to encounter in unpasteurized milk, poultry, contaminated water)
also can be causes by viruses such as EBV


Patho of Guilian-Barre syndrome

antibodies and t cells target myelin sheath (in peripheral nervous system)
schwann cell damage


what cells make up the myelin sheath in the peripheral nervous system

schwann cells


mnfts of Guillian-Barre syndrome

-progressive ascending muscle weakness & paralysis
-partheisias (numbness & tingling sensation in periphery)
-partheisia (ascending usually origin in periphery hands & feet)
-deep muscle pain (shoulder & thigh)
-complete paralysis (may or may not happen based on intervention)
-respiratory failure (aprox 25%) approximately 25% will progress till respiratory failure


Diagnosing Guillian-Barre syndrome

-history (history to exclude things such as myasthenia gravis)
-physical exam (weakness & reflexes)
-nerve conduction (stimulate nerve electrically & see if conducting, if demylinated conduction will be impaired)
-CSF (for exclusion, some changes elevated protien content because inflm in PNS if close to spinal cord)


Treatment of Guillan-Barre syndrome

-life support (respiratory system)

-plasmapheresis (take blood seperate palasma from cells, plasma has antiboides and other neurotoxic compounds discard plasma, to get rid of antiboides from circulation)

-IV igG (give antibodies because low from plasmapheresis)

-80-90% recover in 6-12 months(


with Guillan-Barre syndrome disease mnfts _________ and recover in ________

mnfts in ascending (periphery damage first & vital organs-breathing muscles last)
and recover in descending (vital organs, breathing recover first then periphery)


Guillian-barre syndrome you have to ________ not _______

you have to intervene not self-limiting