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what is a hematoma

a blood clot outside the vessel


what usually happens causing hemorrhage & hematoma and the consequences after that

-trauma causing hemorrhage then hematoma
-loss of neural function at affected area (where the hemorrhage or hematoma is)
-loss of function at target area (outside the cranium)


intracranial Hemorrhage & hematoma

-in brain tissue
-single or multiple within brain


epidural hemorrhage & hematoma

-hematoma above dura and below skull (between dura mater & skull)
- if arterial (rapid) -arterial far more serious than venous, bp greater in arteries than in veins
-usually d/t fracture


subdural hemorrhage & hematoma

-between dura & arachnoid (below dura mater)
-venous (slower) (goes unnnoticed)
-encapsulated mass then cell lysis which causes an increase in concentration and a fluid influx


why does a subdural hemorrhage & hematoma happen in an encapsulated space

blood becomes trapped between 2 membranes now an encapsulated space