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What antigens in the myelin can cause MS?

myelin based protein (MBP); proteolipid protein (PLP) and myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG).


Which HLA subclass is MS associated with?



What are symptoms associated with MS?

Urinary incontinence, blindness, ataxia, muscle weakness, paralysis of the limbs. sclerotic plaques in brain;


Which CD4+ subset is involved with MS?

Th1; MHC II; Th17 also plays a role


a4B1 integrin

receptor for VCAM on the surface of a t cell; capable of binding to VCAM and entering the brain.


Pathophysiology of MS

1) CNS antigens escape the brain, present to lymphoid organs 2) Th1 cells generated 3) travel and enter the brain by a1B4 - VCAM interactions 4) microglial cells (APCs in the CNS) present antigen to the T cells causing inflammation (IFNg release) . 5) Increases vascular permeability causing the leak of more macrophages and Th1 cells in the brain, which produce more inflammatory cytokines.


Microglial cells

Macrophage like cells that are resident to the CNS.

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