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Patient transfers from cart to x-ray table & back to cart should be performed

By 2 or more radiographers to ensure pt & radiographers safely


Before transfer pt

Check identification bracelet
Explain transfer procedure to gain cooperation & alleviate fear
Always use proper body mechanics
Ensure all appropriate brakes
Make creative use of sheets & helpers when moving pt


Radiographer uses methods for transfer

Knees slightly bent
Back straight
Use leg, not back to perform all lifting


Transfer wheelchair to x-ray table

Wheelchair // table
Brakes are applied with step stool nearby
Face-to-face method to assist pt to a standing position
Pt placed 1 hand on step stool handle, other hand on your shoulder & step up onto the stool
Pt pivots with back against table into a sitting position on the edge of table
Place 1 arm around pt shoulder & the other under the knees
Assist pt in supine position


Transfer x-ray table to wheelchair

Lock the break
Assist pt sitting up for a short time to balance
Ambulatory pt: assist to a standing position & pivot; pt reach back w/both hands & grab arms of wheelchair to sit in
Non-ambulatory pt: stand facing pt; reach around pt & place your hands on each scapula; lift pt upward to a standing w/your knees bent; pivot so that back of pt leg is touching the edge of the wheelchair; ensure lock the wheelchair; ease pt down to sit w/your knees bent; position foot 7 leg rests into place; cover pt lap w/sheet


Cart transfer

Place cart near // x-ray table & lock
Do not attempt pt transfer from cart to x-ray table w/o assistance
1 person supports the neck & shoulders at the head of the cart; 2nd person lift the pelvis & knees; if 3rd : support pt & both sides
Transfer sheet or draw sheet under pt; use slide board
On signal, all persons involved in transfer move pt in 1 fluid motion to x-ray table