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Prokaryotic Cell cycle

-They just have one DNA Cell
-they just live to divide
-cell division/ binary fission
--it will attach DNA to membrane proteins and replicate its DNA
-then it divides the DNA in two
-then it divides the cell in 2 with 1 DNA in each



pieces of DNA that the cell doesn't necessarily need
-when it divides ti can sometimes copy this and put it into both cells
-these cells can be incorporated into the cell DNA
--It can be junk or it can help the cell (like make it immune to antibiotics)
-cells can transfer there plasmids to another cell who doesn't have them


Cytokinesis of prokaryotic cell division

-division of cytoplasm (dividing up everything else)
-microfilaments pinch off cells
-2 daughter cells with the same number of chromosomes as parent cells (diploid/2n)