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What are the typical sections that a scientific research report has

An abstract, introductions and aims/hypothesis, method, results, discussion, references


What is in an abstract

A summary of the study covering a hypothesis the method results and conclusions the conclusions usually include implications of the current study


What is in the introduction and aims/hypothesis

This outlines what a researcher intends to investigate. It begins with a review of previous research and provides the background. Imagine it like a funnel starting broadly and narrowing down to the particular research hypothesis


Where might a researcher state his or her research predictions

In the introduction


What is the the method section about

A detailed description of what the researchers did providing enough information for replication of the study


The method section is subdivided into five key areas what are they

Design, participants, apparatus, procedures, ethics.


What should be included in the design subdivision of the report

It should state the design e.g. repeated measures or covert observation


What should be included in the apparatus materials Subdivision of the report

Descriptions of any psychological tests or questionnaires or other materials used


What should be included in the procedures sub division of the report

This may include the standardised instructions the testing environment the order of events and so on


What should be included in the ethics subsection of the report

Significant ethical issues may be mentioned as well as how they were dealt with such as issues relating to privacy in an observational study


What should be included in the results section of the report

This section contains what the researchers found and would include descriptive statistics and inferential statistics,


What are descriptive statistics

Tables and graphs showing frequencies and measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion


What are inferential statistics

statistical tests to determine the significance of the results.


What sort of detail is included in the results section of the report regarding inferential statistics

Any test used would be identified and the observed value of the test statistic reported. The significance value for the observed value would also be given


What sort of detail would be included in the results section of the report regarding qualitative research

In the case of qualitative research categories and themes are described along with examples within these categories


What would be included in the discussion section of the report

The research would aim to interpret the results and consider the implications of future research as well as real-world applications


What are the typical 5 sections of the discussion subdivision

It may include summary of the results relationship to previous research, consideration of methodology, implications for psychological theory and possible real-world applications and finally suggestions for future research


What would be included in the references subdivision of the report

If all details of any journal articles or books that are mentioned


References are usually given in what form

The Journal articles author surname initial state article titled journal title volume page numbers and for a book were published and name of publisher